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“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” C.S. Lewis

About Lisa

Lisa Thomson was born and raised in B.C., and eventually moved to Edmonton, Alberta. As a graduate of University of Alberta, with a BA, she worked in Recreation Administration for several years. During her divorce, she continued studies in Residential Interiors. Lisa has been a constant reader and journal writer throughout her life.

Lisa’s passion for writing began during her divorce and has blossomed into more creative pursuit without losing that drive to help others. Her two self-help books, “The great Escape; A Girl’s Guide To Leaving a Marriage” and “A divorce Companion”, help economically-dependent women going through divorce. More

Short Story Collection

Marriage, love, divorce, and loss are fascinating subjects that provide a sharp backdrop to the human experience, and create stories that connect us.

In six short stories, Hearts Unbroken explores a variety of themes with relatable characters, from unexpected love to inexplicable abandonment. This collection is certain to satisfy contemporary fiction readers.

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A perfect Divorce Companion

and complement to the original self help book.

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The Original and Best Divorce Resource

divorce self help book

 A thought provoking, intimate account about how one woman left her marriage, and an informative, self-help guide for women either contemplating or going through the divorce process right now.

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The Wine Diaries-Musings on Divorce Paired With Wine

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