Summer Hiatus

Posted on July 28, 2015 by lisa - 42 comments.

It’s that time. Time for a summer break. I’ll be taking the month of August off from blogging. I’ll still be around the social media a bit and hope to visit some blogs while on break. If you don’t see me though, don’t worry as I’m likely at my favorite coffee house with manuscript and […]

Cheat Sheet On Chakra Healing

Posted on July 21, 2015 by lisa - 25 comments.

Not long ago, the word Chakra was foreign to me. How did it come up? Well, the store I worked in sold jewelry including troll beads. (That’s how my bead addiction started). What do troll beads have to do with the Chakras? There is a troll bead to represent each Chakra. I remember

The Wine Diaries-How’s Your Summer Going?

Posted on July 14, 2015 by lisa - 42 comments.

It’s going we can all agree on that. But how is it going—hot, breezy, sweet, lazy, painful, cool, flashing, sweaty, fast and crazy? The hourglass is glued to the table, the sand trickling through, going, going—gone. I’m sitting with my toes in the water, sun blazing on my head, the seagulls