July Re-Cap, August Goals and Amazon

July RE-Cap. August Goals and AmazonHey friends, how is your summer experience? Remember two summers ago, I wrote about frolicking in your bikini? Well, I’ve actually done that this summer so can say I’m experiencing IT. Good old Hilda knows how! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read no further before clicking the above link.

So, checking in with my July goals re-cap; Continue reading “July Re-Cap, August Goals and Amazon”

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Who Holds The Key To Your Heart?

who holds the key to your heart?After divorce we feel defeated in love.  We might stop believing in it altogether.

We may be spending what little energy we have left after the battle, providing and being there for our children.  We’ve stopped believing in fairy tales but the time will come eventually when we look forward to new relationship(s).

Maybe we’re even looking for that perfect fit we call love. You know what I mean…that someone out there who holds the key to our heart, if only we knew where to find them! Continue reading “Who Holds The Key To Your Heart?”

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10 Ways To Make a New Home After Divorce

10 ways to make a new home for you and your children after divorce
image source Unsplash by Christopher Harris

I’m  re-posting an updated, yet classic from the archives.

One of the biggest changes during divorce is losing the marital home, which I have written about before here.

It’s a loss that isn’t easy to swallow for many couples who have taken pride in their home. Dare I say, they’ve considered their home something of a status symbol or a page out of a decorating magazine? That will all change. You’ll see though, that what really matters isn’t the shell of a home but who and what is inside it. Continue reading “10 Ways To Make a New Home After Divorce”

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New Book For Writers By Chrys Fey

Since many of you are writers, today I’m featuring the lovely Chrys Fey’s new book, 10 Sparks To Guide You From Idea To Publication. Her self help book for aspiring authors is a don’t miss! She covers all topics and answers the burning questions for new authors. Even if you have experience in self-publishing, you’re bound to glean some new ideas with Chrys’s advice. Here’s more info and you can enter for a chance to win prizes!

Continue reading “New Book For Writers By Chrys Fey”

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Back In Time

my rough sketch of the back of our old home. watching the videos took me inside and into the backyard again. it was almost exactly how i remembered it.

As many of you know, my marriage ended many moons ago. 2005 to be exact. The divorce dragged on as most do, but if we’re talking about the actual marriage, it ended thirteen years ago. My, how time flies. Continue reading “Back In Time”

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Word of the Year Check-In

I can’t believe we’re well into month five of 2018. Almost half way through another year…and I was thinking back to my promise to live ‘fearlessly authentic’ in 2018. It’s time for a quick check-in to see how I’m doing. You may recall this wonderful image that inspired my whole year; Continue reading “Word of the Year Check-In”

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Dear Lisa, Reader Question

Okay, so this wasn’t so much a question as it was a comment.  Sometimes people simply want to share their story but without seeking advice. However, Penniless makes for a great case study, if you will, on divorce and what can go wrong and how to fix it. Continue reading “Dear Lisa, Reader Question”

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