When You Feel Lost-Lisa’s Divorce Support Round-up

When You Feel AloneWhy feel lost when we’re all here, your on-line supporters and friends? Lisa’s divorce support round-up promises to offer something for every kind of divorce; high conflict, co-Parenting with a jerk, looking for love, having trouble dealing with your off the charts, emotions? I could go on and on because the issues we face during divorce are infinite in their variety.

So, when you feel lost, you know that divorce friends are only a click away.

Today I wanted to highlight other bloggers, authors and coaches who specialize in divorce. Most all of these ladies and some men, have been through or are still going through the divorce trenches as we speak. I want you to have access to all the resources possible.

Lisa’s Divorce Support Round Up;

Divorce Stories from the trenchesDivorced Moms-a site featuring a variety of writers (including moi) and bloggers and where you will find every topic under the sun. You certainly will not feel alone after reading other women’s stories.

High conflict divorceTina Swithin-author of Divorcing A Narcissist: One Mom’s Battle, blogs periodically and has a wonderful and supportive team on face book where she answers questions regarding narcissism and high conflict divorce.

Co-Parenting with your abuserJane Thrive at Survive, Live, Thrive-Jane writes under a pseudonym and therefore shares her personal struggles without a filter. If you’re co-parenting with a high conflict ex, stop over and read Jane’s stories. You will be inspired to do better. You will be reminded to always put the children first.

Getting out of an abusive marriageKim Robinson of My Inner Chick-Kim will remind you why you need to get out now before disaster strikes. Kim shares her harrowing story of the day she lost her sister. Kay was murdered by her husband and while Kim does not discuss details, she writes about how she’s been able to survive. Most importantly of all, she writes about why you should leave NOW, if Kay’s story is sounding familiar. Support for and domestic violence prevention networking can be found on Kim’s site. She also hosts guest writers who share their stories of how they escaped from their abuser.

Life after divorceLive By Surprise-Liv is a lively blogger and her enthusiasm for life after divorce is contagious. So, if you’re looking for inspiration and wondering what it’s like to finally get to the other side, you’ll love Liv’s blog.

Divorce CoachingTara Eisenhard-Tara refers to herself as a divorce encouragist. Isn’t that wonderful? Her recent article why I love divorce, speaks volumes about her attitude about what is normally a loathed experience. She is a child of divorce as well and this gives her a unique perspective. Her book, The D Word: Divorce Through A Child’s Eyes promises to be an inspiring read.

Emotional SupportBalroop Singh at Emotional Shadows- Balroop gives practical advice on managing emotions either through her poetry or her personal stories that so many of us can relate to. I recommend her book Emotional Truths Of Relationships where she advises on managing anger, jealousy, forgiveness and many more emotions typical to divorce and other life struggles.

Legal Support-Brad Micklin-Micklin Law Group-Brad was kind enough to be interviewed here at The Great Escape and provide insider information on divorce law. Based out of New Jersey, he may be out of geographical reach for many but his blog and approachable law firm make them a great starting point.

Lawyers-if you reside in Edmonton, Alberta I can recommend a good lawyer. Richard Hajduk (my lawyer)

Canadian Lawyers directory

Financial Planning and DivorceGail Vaz-Oxlade– host of TLC’s ‘Til Debt Do Us Part, this lady offers up no nonsense financial advice for people navigating the divorce process.


Finding Love after divorce or in mid-life-Katie Paul at Head, Heart, Health-Katie writes all about the dating scene post divorce and midlife. It is inspiring and she will encourage you to re-think old conventions and look at love in a new light.

Of course there are so many on-line resources for divorce support. Check out my Twitter Divorce Topics List for many more names and don’t forget to subscribe to my twitter list, while you’re at it.

Last but not least, have you picked up my book yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Amazon link here.

There ya go, you shouldn’t have to feel alone. Check out the blogs, introduce yourself to the lovely bloggers and writers. We always love to get new visitors and peeps who like to share their point of view. We’re all in this together, after all.


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27 Replies to “When You Feel Lost-Lisa’s Divorce Support Round-up”

  1. Thank you Lisa! The only resource I would add is your blog – but I guess if they’re reading this, they already know! Glad to be in such wonderful company and what a lovely description of my blog!

    1. Hey Liv, I replied to your comment yesterday but I see it didn’t post. So sorry. My site has been having moments of malfunctioning! You’re very welcome, Liv! It’s been fun getting to know you and thanks for your compliment on my little blog 🙂

  2. Great list Lisa – thanks for putting this roundup together. Looking forward to reading many of these bloggers I’ve not read about before. I’m a frequent reader of Balroop’s blog which I love but will have to check out the rest.

    1. Aw, that’s great Vishnu! In fact, you should be on this list too. Ahhhh. Vishnu’s Virtues is right up there with the rest! <3

      1. no worries – thanks for the introduction to these blogs. You gave me a mention in an entire post a couple weeks back and very grateful again to be published on your site!

  3. Thank you Lisa! Emotional Shadows talks about all the emotions but I would like to clarify that I have been happily married for 35+ years. I have seen all those ups and downs and difference of opinions but our marriage stood like a rock because we trust each other, we are honest and respect each other. We express our opinions openly.
    The success of a marriage depends on both the partners; if one is self-centred, rude or disrespectful and the other keeps bearing, it doesn’t survive.
    Emotions are affected first of all and emotional hurts are the most difficult to heal…I make an effort to provide some friendly tips to cope with emotions.
    Much love! Have a nice weekend.

    1. Hi Balroop, Your Emotional Shadows has a healing effect for people going through emotional times. Divorce is one such time alright. Indeed, you are happily married! I didn’t mean to include you as a divorced woman 🙂 I certainly understand your clarification and BTW, you’ve officially shared your secret for a happy marriage—I love it! I couldn’t agree more with your description of why it works for you and your Hubs.

  4. You are so friggin awesome, Lisa. Not only for being THE go-to resource for so many dealing with one of life’s most difficult times BUT also for extending a hand to other bloggers, and connecting everyone in this beautiful way that you do. You rock, my friend 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thank you, Marcia! Yes, Kay’s story is absolutely heartbreaking. Kim keeps her spirit living on and creates awareness everyday. <3

  5. Balroop’s blog has been inspiring to me for many reasons over this past year or more. Another blog I’ve found helpful is Emotionally Resilient Living. The focus is on living better in general rather than focused on divorce. Being healthy and whole after huge life upsets is such hard work.

    1. Hi Jeri, I agree with you on Balroop’s writing. It’s so uplifting and makes us think on why certain feelings come to the surface (incoveniently). I’ll have to check out your recommendation. It takes time to heal and recover from such a devastating change. p.s. Loved your guest post over at Considerings today.

    1. You’re welcome, Jane! You are definitely helping many! Just knowing we’re not alone in our struggle can really make a difference. Love and hugs back at ya! xo

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