The Livin’ Is Easy

the livin' is easy
photo by Mary Schonnen

One of my favorite summer posts I’ve updated from the archives. Summer inspiration.

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…your daddy’s rich and your mamma’s good lookin’..”

That old Gershwin jazz tune always plays through my mind in June.

Summer is upon us and we’ve waited patiently for it to come! We even travel great distances at great expense during the winter months to get a taste of this season in some other exotic locale.  But now we have it, right outside our own door!  So what are we going to do with it?  Watch it through the window? No way.  Let’s take a stroll through summer memories, summer favorites, summer joys and dreams…


endless sunshine

waffles & maple syrup (they taste better on a summer morning)

short shorts


the sound sprinklers (thunk,thunk,thunk,chchchch)

toes in the water

hot dogs roasting on the fire

the smell of camp fire

trying not to step on the starfish

salt air



smell of cotton candy

the livin' is easy
source tumblr

burning feet on the sand


coconut sunscreen

The livin' is easy
source pinterest

fresh picked berries


the sounds of a Little League baseball game

the livin' is easy
source; pinterest

bright beach towels drying in the sun

fresh cut grass


 Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the season!  It’s so brief, it will be gone in a blink…

the livin' is easy
source; some e-cards

If you want more inspiration for celebrating the small things in life follow my Celebrate board on Pinterest. Now, I leave you with the best summer song from JT. Trivia: Who is his gorgeous wife?

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22 Replies to “The Livin’ Is Easy”

  1. Summer does have its perks. I’m not much of a summer person, though, because I hate the heat and Florida’s blazing sun. I’m more of an autumn girl. 🙂

    Some things I remember from my childhood: picking wildflowers, playing in the pool all day, laying out in the sun, the smell of fresh cut grass (you mentioned this one), picnics, and 4th of July celebrations.

    1. Hey Chrys, i can understand you not really being as into summer as us Northerners 🙂 Because our winter is damp, cold and dark—we dream of summer. Florida is such a beautiful state but no doubt, intensely hot in summer. Stay cool!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Lovely post! I can almost feel that burning sensation under the feet in a different scenario! We never wished for summer the way people welcome it here. For us summer meant staying indoors all day to save ourselves from scorching heat and sunstrokes as temperatures go high beyond your imagination. We welcomed the monsoon in the months of June and July and it was real fun…soaking, skipping and sailing paper boats in water outside. 🙂 Thanks for evoking nostalgia!

    1. Extreme heat. Yuck. Sounds like the opposite of an extreme winter, but with the same results—stuck indoors. The monsoon sounds like a wonderful celebration! Thanks for sharing a different perspective on summer, Balroop 🙂

  3. Thank you Lisa. It feels like summer reading you. Today the sun is shining and it feels like it’s time to rejoice and let go.
    When I think about summer, I see days at the sea, horseriding on the beach, cold drinks, taking diner outside, fireworks, time with friends, running barefeet and taking the time, for once.
    Have a wonderful summer and enjoy every moment!
    Much love

    1. Your summer dreams sound even better, Marie. Horseback riding on the beach? Wow, I would love that too. And I forgot about fireworks…they’re always spectacular. Enjoy the slower pace, Marie 🙂

  4. Nothing is better than SUMMER, Lisa.
    Love your poem, too!
    Loooooooove sun, sand, heat, blooms, poetry in the afternoon, grilling, walking, neighbors walking dogs.

    I love all of it.


    1. “Poetry in the afternoon” sounds like a perfect tonic for the heat or a prelude to a siesta. Your mid-west winters are long and harsh, so summer is time to celebrate. Enjoy, Kim! xo

  5. What a fun video. I hadn’t seen it!
    The smell of sunscreen is incredible to the memory. Also, I agree about waffles and syrup on summer mornings. Pancakes more.
    And then pumpkin french toast for fall.

    1. Hey Tamara, isn’t that video great? It gets in your brain and makes ya happy. pumpkin french toast? I want it to be fall now.

  6. Love this post, Lisa! The summer joy, oh so joy! And I also love the latest JT single–just makes me happy and want to dance. Perfect for summer. <3 Thanks for giving me some smiles today! 🙂

  7. It is smack bang in the middle of winter here in Australia, and being the summer girl that I am, this post warmed me up!I love waffles on maple syrup. In fact, I just had that yesterday at a cafe while catching up with a friend 😀

    Sunsets and popsicles are also what I love about summer, as you said. Apart from that, I also like wearing T-shirts and shorts and don’t have to worry about bringing a jacket out with me and accidentally leaving the office without it like I do in winter 😀 The beach is not my favourite place in summer though – I get sunburnt very easily, haha. Hope you are well, Lisa. Take care.

    1. Right, you’re on the opposite end of this small world. Is it very cold right now? At least we can enjoy sunsets in winter as well. Aw, too bad you burn easily Mabel, because the beach is the best way to enjoy summer. You need a large, portable umbrella. Take care and cozy up with some tea!

  8. The sun on my face. All those things…make me want to go outside and enjoy the sun (too bad it’s dark already).

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