Laugh Until It’s Funny

Laugh Until It's FunnyThis post has been updated from the archives.

Forget about finding love in a hopeless place. That might be okay for the likes of Rhianna. But
what we really need is humor in a hopeless place. So, let’s laugh until it’s funny.

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”-Mark Twain

So, your ex is a jerk

Your ex is being so incredibly horrible, you don’t recognize them; you never thought raising the kids in a single parent household could be so challenging.  Where did all the good times go?  You may ask yourself.

That’s where humor comes in.  There is nothing better than laughter to relieve stress. Did you ever stop in the middle of it all and realize just how ridiculous it has become?  I certainly did, I laughed until it was funny. I even started to write a play to capture the absurd, outrageous and funny moments of my divorce. I still laugh today about some of the questions that were put to me in the court room. If you’re not there yet, trust me you will be one day.  When you come out of this tunnel we call divorce, you’ll see it differently.

Places to find humor

If you can’t bring yourself to find humor in your divorce—I’m here to help. There are plenty of laughs to be found with social media, movies and good old television.   Here is some funny stuff to get you started on reaping those benefits.  A smile and a laugh can reduce stress, attract the opposite sex, increase blood flow to the brain, and best of all brighten a hopeless day.

Movies and Television

Bad Moms-I was pleasantly surprised with this movie starring Mila Kunis and whole cast of FUNNY women you’ll love. They have a Bad Moms Christmas movie coming, too. (film)

Landline– this has a genuine retro vibe. It takes place in New York in the 90’s. This one is on my ‘to see’ list and promises to pack a good laugh. (film)

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt– I admit this show took more than a few episodes for me to ‘get it’. Once I clicked with Kimmy (played by Ellie Kemper), there was no turning back and I root for her in every episode. It’s colorful, quirky and full of established and new actors with tremendous talent. My favorite are the first two seasons. -Netflix, series

Baskets If you’re a Zach Galifianakis fan, you’ll love this one. He plays a rodeo clown. He also plays the role of his twin brother. (series)

Ricki & The Flash– There were a few things I didn’t like about this movie but overall, a solid drama-dey. Meryl Streep plays a ‘bad mom’ who chose rock ‘n roll over her kids. Is there a chance for redemption? It sounds serious but it has it’s funny moments, too. (film)

Life In Pieces-going into its second season, this is a fast paced family sit com worth tuning into. (series)

Three Micsthis stand-up by Neal Brennan will have you rolling BUT he may cause a tear or two. He uses three mics, one for stand up, one for emotions, one for one-liners. (Netflix)

So, Laugh it up

Laughter truly is the best medicine and if you have a friend who makes you laugh—spend time with that one. Make a standing date with the friend who never fails to make you snort and accidentally pee your pants in fits of laughter. The world isn’t hopeless without humor and neither are we.

Laugh Until It's Funny

Your turn. What’s making you laugh these days?

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31 Replies to “Laugh Until It’s Funny”

    1. Thanks, Deb! 😀 Finding humor in a situation can make things better. I lost my sense of humor briefly and that’s when I realized how deeply unhappy I was. Bad Moms was really well done. All of those actresses are fantastic. I may have to go see the Bad Moms Christmas.

  1. I can’t agree more with you Lisa on this. Humor is key when life is messy.
    I can laugh now about some “crazy” moments of my divorce and it does feel good. I never thought this could possibly happen in this lifetime…
    Take care. xoxo

    1. Hi Marie, I bet there was a time you didn’t think it was funny at all. What a difference time can make and seeing the funny side of things (there always is).

  2. Agree that we can find the lighter side of things through movies, books and films. Nothing like losing ourselves in an imaginary world and letting our problems drift away for a moment. These days I like to watch YouTube, maybe some funny vlogs of people traveling and experiencing new cultures. That’s how I like to unwind after a long day in bed – just having something to laugh at and ending the day on as much a positive note that I can 🙂
    Mabel Kwong recently posted…8 Classic Dim Sum Dishes That You Should Order At Yum ChaMy Profile

    1. Hi Mabel, yes that’s a great way to unwind, watching youtube videos. I guess because it’s real people’s stories, jokes, mishaps–it makes it all that much more relatable. When we can’t find anything else, there’s always animal videos to make us smile and laugh.

    1. Life in Pieces is hilarious. I was happy to hear it will be back. Sometimes all we need is a little escape for half hour to take away the stress. Laughing! 🙂

  3. Love this post so much, Lisa! Yes absolutely! Laughter is the best medicine. And it’s amazing how you can find joy and laughter in the most surprising places. <3

  4. I absolutely agree with you Lisa…humour is the best way to relieve ourselves, especially out of such situations over which we don’t have any control. Movies and shows that lighten our mood and transport us away from stressful people ( even for a few hours) are blissful gifts.
    Thanks for the encouraging words that would help many!
    Balroop Singh recently posted…How To Pick Up Positive VibesMy Profile

  5. Awww, I love this, Lisa… and you’re right… we really need to turn to laughter to help in the darkest situations. It can be the best medicine <3

    I really love Kimmy Schmidt but the last season wasn't as good as the first few. Maybe it was too quirky? I did however LOVE Bad Moms and have heard great things about Baskets!

    XOXO and thank you for showing us that humor can help in all situations (I am interested to hear about your courtroom drama with the ex, too!).
    Charlotte recently posted…What’s up, weekend 9/22My Profile

    1. I felt the same way about the last season. Too much of one character and singing…
      The first two seasons were hilarious.
      Baskets is really quirky. Kind of dark humor.
      It’s always good to laugh and especially when we don’t feel like it.
      lisa recently posted…Laugh Until It’s FunnyMy Profile

  6. Oh yes yes yes, thank GOD FOR LAUGHTER!!

    I seriously wouldn’t and couldn’t live without it. It’s my absolutely favorite thing to do with others. And ESPECIALLY when times are hard, you need to look for allthethings that are so ridiculous and crazy insane and LAUGH. I always feel like the more pathetic things are, the funnier things you can find.

    I need to catch some of these movies/shows. I saw Bad Moms and loved it! But I haven’t seen the rest!
    Christine Carter recently posted…Five Things You Need To Know When You Are Recovering From An Injury, Surgery, Or IllnessMy Profile

    1. I like your outlook, Chris! In fact in your book, you did some pretty funny things when you were in a wheelchair. To be able to tap into that humor at a time like that, speaks highly to your character. Keep the laughs comin’, my friend!

  7. I definitely need more levity in my life. I’m starting to come out of some of the shadows long-term medical treatments can cast so that feels good, but I know I don’t laugh often enough. I should watch a funny series, but no. I’ve spent the last month binging on Game of Thrones to get myself back up to speed in anticipation of the final season. That’s so not a humorous show 🙁

    1. LOL, Jeri. Game of Thrones is pretty intense. You need some laughs to balance that out for sure. What you’ve been through in the last year with your health would do most people in but you have really been strong and inspiring.

  8. Hi Lisa,

    Laughter IS the best medicine. If we have a good sense of humor, our “troubles” seem to melt away quickly.

    I laugh all the time. I do find many things funny, especially myself. If I trip and fall down, I laugh at myself. When I screw something up working, I just laugh at it.

    If things are really bad, I do grab a girlfriend that I know and we will laugh until our stomach hurts.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…7 Secrets For Getting Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

    1. It’s so important to laugh at our own mistakes or mishaps. Not taking our own problems too seriously. So great you can do that, Donna. Your joy and sense of humor come across on your blog and social media. That’s why you have so many followers!

  9. Totally loved this post and shared it everywhere. The daughter of a friend of mine is going through the craziest divorce. She could use some laughter right now. Your movie watch list is on my next to watch! 🙂

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