My Interview at Vishnu’s Virtues

Happy Sunday, Escapees. Today I’m over at Vishnu’s blog answering some burning divorce questions. I think you will find this an interesting interview and one worth sharing with loved ones who may be thinking about divorce right now. Here’s a snippet;

What led you to leave your marriage?

Well, I guess you won’t be surprised when I say it was multiple things rather than one event. It was many small and big things over many years that ultimately led to the demise of my marriage. I finally accepted my unhappiness at the core of my being and gave myself permission to accept that life wasn’t turning out the way I expected. I faced the fact that it had to change. I realized too that ending a marriage, knowing what we need in our life to live authentically, is a very personal matter.

What factors should women consider before leaving a marriage?

There are many and here I will list in order of importance;

Children-your children will always be your #1 concern so, ensuring they understand what’s happening, that they are comfortable and well cared for is priority. Keep the communication open and ongoing, too. Often couples forget to talk about things after the big announcement. That is wrong—keep the conversation going and be as honest as possible while reminding them that their only job is to ‘be a kid’….

I encourage you to click over to Vishnu’s site for a read of the full interview. In addition, if you haven’t had a visit to Vishnu’s site, you’re in for a treat. He’s all about treating yourself with love and respect following a break up or divorce. I always find Vishnu’s posts and writings uplifting and just what we need to get through a tough, emotional time.

Thanks again to Vishnu for hosting me. Thanks, to you my dear readers for taking an interest and sharing.

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17 Replies to “My Interview at Vishnu’s Virtues”

  1. Vishnu has written so much about healing after divorce that he seems to be more of a therapist than a lawyer!!
    Nice interview.
    I liked your honest answers Lisa. Giving priority to children shows what a wonderful mother you must be.Your advice also is so good that leaving a marriage has to be a personal decision…nobody can understand the circumstances of a person who takes such a difficult decision.
    Balroop Singh recently posted…The Escape From #DeepMy Profile

  2. What a lovely interview Lisa ! You are right leaving a mariage provide its load of hardships and joys. Kids should always remain our priority and they should always know that we LOVE them despite the mess around…
    Just started reading your book. Will talk soon about it on the blog.
    Take care.
    marie kléber recently posted…I’d love to have tea with you…My Profile

  3. Oh, excited to follow you over there, Lisa! Always love the gems you share about relationships… I also agree about open communication. I understand that if kids are a certain age, they maybe shouldn’t be privy to all the key components, but it’s always a good idea to keep them in the loop. It’s always beneficial I think for them to know that mom/dad still love them and they’ll always be the #1. On my way over now, my sweet! XOXO
    Charlotte recently posted…Adorn512 review and giveawayMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Charlotte for checking out the interview 🙂 Good point, that kids don’t need to know every detail (especially when they’re small). Plus, LOVE and security are things that shouldn’t be lost to them.

  4. I went over and read Lisa and it was a wonderful interview.
    I think kids are more in tune than what we realize. We are going through something major over at the house of Chunky and (no Shawn and I are fine) when we go to meetings, Chunky is quite verbal and asks questions. At eight, I am surprised at how much he absorbs and how much his mind swirls with questions. So definitely kids need to be kept up to date with what is happening. Kids suffer anxiety just like adults to. We need to communicate with them as much as possible especially in life altering events like these.
    Kimberly recently posted…My Motherhood Style | #LoveSvelteMy Profile

    1. Hi Kim, you are soooo right about the kid-tuition thing. I didn’t mention that in the interview, did I? My mistake because it’s a real thing. They always know more than we give them credit for. Thanks so much for sharing your valuable perspective here! xo

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