Best Divorce TV Shows

best divorce tv shows
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So, a while back I posted Lisa’s Divorce Movie Countdown. It was very well received so I thought it was time for a tv version.

It’s always great to discover a new show that makes you laugh and cry but mostly one that you can relate to the characters so much that you feel they’re living your story. Okay, I haven’t found a divorce show quite as good as all that but I have found some that are pretty realistic and entertaining at the same time. Remember, divorce shows aren’t just for the divorced but anyone starting over in love or widowed will relate to these shows. So grab your popcorn, ice cream or cookies (or all of the above) get comfy and tune in to some shows you can surely relate to.

The best Divorce tv shows to watch whether you’re looking for drama, comedy, laughs, tears or a shot of reality it’s all here…

Best Divorce TV Shows

The Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce-if you loved Sex In The City and enjoy girlfriend stories;

Other than the fact they stole my title 🙂 …this show is pretty slick and entertaining. It takes place in L.A., so there’s that cool factor. They’re all beautiful women in their 40’s, so there’s that too. In spite of the stereotypical stuff the main character, Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein) faces real problems that we divorcees can relate to.

Does this sound familiar? “Abby is on a journey of self-discovery as she attempts to salvage her career, get back in the dating game and figure out her new identity as a single woman.”

As Abby’s marriage crumbles so does her image. She fears she’s been caught out as a fake since she’s a self help guru advising on all issues to do with family. The show is fun, funny and simultaneously heart wrenching in moments.

Channel: Slice or Bravo in Canada

The New Adventures Of Old Christine if you’re looking for laughs and you love Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I know I’ve mentioned this one before because it’s my favorite. Julia Louis-Dreyfes—need I say more? She is brilliant in this show. It aired right around the time I was going through my divorce and this show really helped lighten the mood for me. It’s not on mainstream cable anymore but I’m sure it’s on Netflix or Crave (where you can access any show ever made–apparently). Christine (Julia Louis-Dreyfes) is dubbed ‘Old’ because her ex’s new girlfriend, soon to be wife, is the ‘New’ Christine. Old Christine has a few insecurities while new Christine is young and perky… It’s just light and fun mixed with a little wine and whine.


Grace and Frankie if you’re looking for dramedy;

A brand new Netflix series, Grace and Frankie starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin promises to be ‘different’ from the rest. How is it different? Well, they’re not really friends rather they’re the wives of best friends. Does that make sense? You know how some men have very best friends. Maybe they’re business partners or childhood buddies? In this case the best friends are in love and in the very first episode they announce they are leaving their wives for each other. That’s right. This show is about that taboo subject; men who pretend they’re ‘straight’ for the bulk of their lives only to finally come out of the closet. I’ve only tuned into a few episodes but it is really well done. The show is about divorce but it’s mainly about the women and their emancipation from the marital insitution. Anger, acceptance, friendship…all that good stuff is dealt with. What I especially like is this is the older crowd and not the normal age group we see on mainstream t.v. The husbands are played by veteran actors Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston.


Reba if you’re looking for a feel good divorce;

I’ve talked about this show before on the blog on the post My Ex Is My Bestie. Reba remains close friends with her Ex. The problem is they live next door to one another and his new wife considers herself to be Reba’s best friend…

Best divorce tv shows
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Untying The Knot if you’re looking for asset division and object valuations;

This reality series features mediator Vikki Ziegler, a divorce mediator.[2] who mediates, advises and divides divorcing couples’ assets out of court. Most of the couples have some valuable pieces that they’re fighting over or sometimes it’s sentimental pieces that have no monetary value. Those are the hardest for Vikki to negotiate for her clients. The show gives us a look into the mediation process with the exception of the many edits that real life doesn’t afford. The process is quicker and cleaner than real life but the show still gives a solid representation of the emotions and steps involved in the divorce, asset division process.


Divorce Court if you’re looking for real divorce case decisions;

A reality series entering its 20th season. The show features real couples who stand before the judge and argue their sides. The judge divides assets, grants divorce decrees and even orders alimony support. Some couples are not granted a divorce if there is a chance of reconciliation. The show will sometimes revisit these couples to check on status updates. Speaking of status updates, this show is active on social media offering behind the scenes footage and interaction on facebook, twitter social media platforms.

I’ve only tuned in to this show a few times. It is entertaining and educational. The judge’s decisions are legally binding and there is nothing fake about it. For us Canadians though, the law is much different so we certainly can’t use this show to affirm our own cases.

Real Housewives of ________ (L.A., New York, Beverly Hills, Vancouver) if you’re looking to feel better about your divorce;

I’m not a fan of this show but obviously many people are. It’s full of rich b*****s and real life drama. Some of these shows included either divorced or nearly housewives. Some of the shows reveal the moment when the real housewife found out he was leaving…

best divorce tv shows
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Little People, Big World if you love reality shows about families;

In the last season of the show Amy and Matt struggle with the decision to end their marriage. This is more a portrait of a crumbling marriage rather than divorce itself. It is interesting to watch the transformation of each person and how each deals with the growing distance in their marriage while entering the ‘Empty Nest’ phase.

Best Divorce tv shows
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Hot In Cleveland if you’re looking for pure slapstick, belly laughs and a little cheese;

Basically, three good friends from L.A. find themselves landed in Cleveland, Ohio enroute to Paris, France. It doesn’t take long before they’ve decided the benefits of living in Cleveland vs. L.A. They’re hot in cleveland while in L.A.? They’re just ‘old’. Each one of these ladies is divorced and living single, so there’s that. They rent a home that still has a caretaker living in the guest house; enter Betty White. A great cast, lots of slap stick humor this show always puts a smile on my face. It’s far from deep but sometimes all we want is a laugh.


Parenthood if you’re looking for Drama & raw emotion;

A family drama that covers various topics, divorce being only one of many. The show encompasses a large, grown family and the next generation of children. It wasn’t until the second to last season that divorce was a topic when youngest Braverman sibling Julia (Erika Chrsitensen) and her husband, Joel separate. I have to admit this was a very realistic portrayal of the pain, betrayal and forgiveness involved in real life divorcing couples. The family reaction, sibling support and other common aspects of divorce are all incorporated into the plot. Want your heart in your throat?

Parenthood finished out its last season in February 2015 but it may be available on Netflix or crave t.v.

Divorce: An upcoming series;

Ah, writer Sharon Horgan stole my screenplay. It’s been collecting dust on my shelf and that’s what happens when you abandon your creative intuition. Someone else writes your screenplay. LOL. Seriously, I would have come up with a more creative title though. No offense, Sharon.

A brand new show, not even out of the box yet, Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker is the new HBO series that promises to be a little deeper than anything we’ve seen yet on television. It centers on Frances (Parker), a woman who suddenly begins to reassess her life and her marriage, and finds that making a clean break and a fresh start is harder than she thought. Robert Hayden Church plays Robert, Frances’ husband and I’m excited to hear that because he is a fabulous character actor. There isn’t even a trailer to show you but I will review this when it comes out. It is slated for 2016 and already being hyped.


Updated: See my review of the pilot episode of Divorce here

The Good Wife I discussed previously on the blog here and here. Check those posts out for a look at Alicia Florrick’s character and how she deals with her separation and renewing her career.

So, that should give you some great tv watching ideas. What show did I forget? What’s your favorite?

Leave a comment, I LOVE ’em!


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32 Replies to “Best Divorce TV Shows”

  1. I’ve been wanting to watch The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.

    I adored Reba and Parenthood was a really good show.

    I’d like to see Divorce, but I don’t get HBO. Dang it! Am I going to have to watch years for this show to make it on another channel? *sighs*

    1. Hi Chrys, you don’t have HBO? Awwww, it’s the best channel although it does replay a lot of the shows. Divorce won’t be out for a while. They don’t even have a trailer yet but I guess because SJP is starring in it—it’s getting lots of hype already. Parenthood was a real tear jerker! TGGTD I’ve only seen a few episodes but it was pretty good. I should have watched all of them.

    1. Hi Tracie, Yes, I’ll have to keep watching Grace and Frankie. I’ve only seen the first 3. Love Old Christine!! I think I’ve seen every episode now 😛 GGTD isn’t on the major network so it was harder to find. That’s why I only tuned in a few times. I hope you can find it out your way.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Love this list 🙂

    Haven’t really got down to seeing much of them as I hardly get time away to see any shows or even television for that matter – but I’m planning to take a nice break within a few days time. So, bookmarking this page to come back to later!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena, great idea to catch up on a show while taking some time off. I hope you have a lovely break! I’m heading over to aha.Now to check out the new post. 🙂

  3. What a great list you’ve compiled here! There are a few I’ve seen (Parenthood… UGH! I miss this show so much) and Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce (I was kind of hit/miss with this one, but now that it’s over, I do kind of miss it)… and of course every Real Housewives of wherever (I’m embarrassed to admit…) That said, I do want to watch the Jane Fonda/Lilly Tomlin show and a few others on this list I’ve never heard of. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!! XOXO

    1. Hi Charlotte, yes GGTD got a lot of promo hype and I was expecting it to be a little more—not sure the word I’m looking for. Real Housewives is addictive for some because who doesn’t love DRAMA? Especially a bunch of beautiful women, cat fighting LOL. Hope you get a chance to check out some of the other shows. xoxo

  4. You named some of my favorite shows here…The New Adventures of Old Christine, Hot in Cleveland and Reba. I have to check out Grace and Frankie. That looks like a good show.

    What I like about some of these shows is that exes can coexist and coparent without the drama.

    Thanks for sharing these Lisa! Hope you’re having a great day!


    1. Hi Cori, yes that ‘s exactly what I like, too. I guess because it’s not my reality I like to live vicariously through Reba. 🙂 I’ll be watching more of Grace & Frankie. Let me know what you think of it, once you start watching. Thanks for sharing here!

  5. I was really wondering if you were going to mention Reba. That one sticks out from my childhood! I didn’t realize that Amy and Matt had ended their marriage! Shows how behind I am.

    1. Hi Tamara, Reba is one of my faves. It’s always on too so it’s easy to catch an episode here and there. You know I’m not sure if Matt and Amy actually split. He moved into his man cave while she stayed in the big house. I guess when you have a huge property like theirs, you can both continue living there without driving each other crazy LOL.

  6. I really love The Good Wife. An oldie but goodie that comes to mind is One Day at a Time. I remember watching it with my mom as a kid and how novel it was to have a single mom be the focus of a TV show. We’ve come a long way in TV land since then 😉

    1. The Good Wife is such an exceptional show! One Day At A Time—that was great. I used to love that show when I was a kid. You’re right that the single mom character was a novelty. Great to see you, Jeri!

  7. I don’t watch too much regular TV any more – and am not familiar with most of those shows. I LOVE Betty White though. Great list Lisa!

  8. Hi Lisa,

    That’s a great list that you put together! Reba is my favorite of your list. I always loved her, as a singer and as an actress. Hot in Cleveland is also a great TV show. Who doesn’t love Betty White?

    Grace and Frankie looks promising. Jane Fonda and Lili Tomlin are great actresses. Another one I always wanted to check out is Parenthood. I loved Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls so it should be good.

    Thanks for sharing this with us! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Hi Nataly, Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows, too. I didn’t actually watch it when it was on originally. I only discovered it last year. It’s on Netflix now. Parenthood was a great show that covered such an array of topics. I’m well into Grace and Frankie and it’s worth checking out. I’m quite impressed with it. Thanks for stopping over and sharing here!

  9. Wow, awesome list of great shows. I love finding a good series to binge watch on a day when I am stuck home with nothing to do. That being said, I can’t wait for Orange is the New Black to come back… one week to go 😉

    1. I haven’t watched Orange is The New Black yet but it looks interesting! Netflix is wonderful for a day or night ‘in’ to relax.

  10. Wow Lisa,

    I must be under a rock. I don’t watch much TV but it is good to know that there are many series that deal with divorce.

    The only show I know is Reba. It resonates with me because I am friends with my husband’s ex wife. Sometimes I play the role of Reba and we laugh.

    But to have a blended family and make it work, we have to overcome things for the sake of our children. Forgiveness, and trying to understand each other works.

    I wouldn’t have it any other way.


    1. Hi Donna, I read your blog post a few weeks ago where you spent the weekend with family and that included your ex and his wife. You mentioned you two are best friends (the wife and you). That is awesome!! Blended families are the ultimate test of all those things you mention. 🙂

  11. Hey Lisa,

    I use to LOVE watching Reba. I thought that show was hilarious for so many reasons of course. A good bit of these I’ve never heard of but I also don’t watch Netflex, never even ordered a movie through them. I’m just not a big movie buff anymore, I don’t have time.

    I have a few programs I watch but I tape them and watch them later at night so I even miss commercials introducing a new show. I know, I live under a rock at times but thanks for sharing these.

    Grace and Frankie looks like it would be a really funny show.


    1. Hi Adrienne, well Reba is a slam dunk here. Everyone loves that show 🙂 Definitely check out Grace and Frankie, it’s really good!

    1. Hi Kim, Yes,I saw Kramer v Kramer years ago. I can’t watch it again. It’s too heart wrenching but it’s in my top Divorce movies! xoxo

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