A Year to Build a Dream On

a year to build a dream onLast year I rounded up a ‘look back’ at The Great Escape blog. It was interesting to see a year in the life of this little blog, so I’m doing the same here with a slight twist. We’ll end on my (and your) hopes for 2017. My theme for the year is building a dream…a year to build a dream on…because why not?

In reflecting on the past we can build a dream for our future. Without further delay, let’s reflect;

A look back at 2016

January began with 7 Deadly Signs He’s Not The One For You. Well, I got right back to business didn’t I? If you are single and looking for new love after divorce, don’t miss that post. The warning signs are worth reviewing for a little self reminder.

February began with a still relevant and up to date divorce round up with When You Feel Lost-Lisa’s Divorce Support Roundup . You don’t have to scour the internet for divorce help because I’ve rounded up the best ones for you right here. You’re welcome.

March began in the second week with a re-cap of our holiday we had been looking forward to for…only a whole year. Yet sometimes our Best Laid Plans go sideways.

April began with a blog award! Music Heals included old and new music memories and how music helped me through my own divorce.

May began with an ode to the month itself. The First Day of May contains my very own little poem to remind me of the little things about May that make it special.

June found us half way through 2016 and I began with What’s Love Got To Do With It? I take a look at the importance of love in a relationship and while some wouldn’t agree, I see it as the vital ingredient of a successful marriage.

July began with taking a look at how our recipes create love and comfort for our children in times of change. Plus I share a funny anecdote about my children… in Recipes—An Arsenal of Love.

August began with a look at how I have or have not changed due to my divorce. In Lisa, You’ve Changed I look at the real reason people are uncomfortable with the changes in you.

September began with Can We Go Home Again? and how our memories change over time. Sometimes they don’t match the current reality whether it’s a house or a person.

October began with my review of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new show, Divorce. HBO’s Divorce-Raw and Funny is my review of the premiere episode. If you haven’t heard of the show or seen it yet, check it out.

November began with some grace. 10 Ways To Find Grace In Spite of Adversity reminds us of the simple ways to remain grateful and graceful in difficult times.

December began with 5 Tips To Cure Insomnia because who hasn’t suffered at one time or another from sleeplessness, especially during divorce.

So, it’s been an interesting year here at the blog. Of course, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you so a big thank you to you for tuning in and reading my little blog. Your comments and voice add a rich dimension here and I try my best to reply to all of you. That’s my way of showing my appreciation for you taking a moment or two to share here. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

As for my personal year, I’ve had some highlights and lowlights. I would like to focus on the high ones though. The trip to the Southern U.S. was a true highlight in spite of our colds. Visiting my dear friend at her Florida home was a special treat. Speaking of dear friends, May and September also brought together my girlfriends and I for overnight celebrations. I appreciate these women more than I can find words for. Also, lucky me, I got to enjoy a second girls weekend in September at a friend’s cabin. My stomach hurt from laughing too hard. Friendship has been the one constant in my life that has really taught me so much and given me so much.

a year to build a dream on
This really captures the crisp, autumn weather on the beach as our hair flies in the face of well, everything.
a dream to build a year on
a group selfie. Shelley takes the best selfies of all of us and she is even beautiful close up like this.

Looking forward, I hope to have a year to build a dream on. Have a dream year. Build my dream all year long.

I hope to update my blog theme and improve and modernize it somehow. So, don’t be surprised when it changes. One thing I don’t like about the new look of some sites, is they have no ‘follow me’ buttons. I will keep mine because allowing you to find me on various social media platforms is important to me. I love connecting with my readers, not just here but on other platforms. Case in point, Pinning and Tumbling are fun and adds a new connection with people.

My biggest dream for 2017 is to add to my author list on Amazon. Two more ebooks are coming and hopefully I will finish one of my half written novels. I watched Julie & Julia yesterday and laughed out loud when Julie said “I never finish anything.” As a writer, I can so much relate to Julie.

Your turn! Tell me what dream you’re going to build your year on. How is your reflection of 2016 (political climate aside). Share, scoop, dish….

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37 Replies to “A Year to Build a Dream On”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Your year has been so terrific! Loved reading all those posts and look forward to many more in 2017. Dreams are those lovely streamers, which weave colourful joy into our lives! So I love your theme and would love to brighten my hours with all the colors you are going to paint here with your words.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2017, may sunshine keep streaming into your home and life. Lets welcome the new year with love, hugs and smiles 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you, Balroop for being such a loyal reader here! “Dreams are streamers” how beautiful!I hope my palette is bright and joyous 🙂 Hugs to you and we’ll see you in 2017!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Good to be back after a while, as I was away taking care of my ailing dad, but back now 🙂

    That sure was a great roundup and the pictures are wonderful as well. So glad you had a great trip as well. I am sure the coming year is going to be a great one for you – can’t wait to see the changes on your blog, whenever you make them. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful new year ahead 🙂

    1. Nice to see you, Harleena! I hope your dad is doing better 🙁 Thanks for you kind offer of help with blog design. I may take you up on that! Happy New year to you, too!

  3. I have read about Divorce in a few places, but I remember it here. I really want to start that show eventually! I know I will. I love these round up posts. I’ll be doing my own on Saturday. It’s been.. an interesting year. Some things haven’t changed – like blogging friendships!

    1. Hi Tamara, the SJP show was overall, very good and quite realistic with a dash of humor. I look forward to the next season which means, I’m in! You’ve had an amazing year both at your blog and your photography and travel too. Friendships—we need them and I appreciate yours, too!

  4. You’ve had quite a wonderful year! And I hear ya on the highlights/lowlights… I prefer to focus on the good, too. I’m so glad that you have such a great circle of strong women around you–I honestly have no idea where I’d be without mine. I wish you all the best for a happy and healthy 2017, Lisa. I’m so grateful for YOU, our friendship, and your words which are always a beacon of hope for me 🙂 I love your eternal enthusiasm and honesty always here.


    1. Hi Charlotte, it really has been another fun year here at the blog. A challenge at times but always rewarding. Yes, what would we do without our buddies? I’m very fortunate to have some amazing women in my life, many of them I’ve had since childhood. Awww, your kind words truly warm my heart! Thank you Charlotte and back at ya, my friend!! XOXO

  5. You are such a good writer. I always enjoy your posts, and look forward to your ebook(s). I need to pick your brains about how you get to place one on Amazon.

    1. Thank you, Ellen! That is so kind of you to say 🙂 You can send me an email with your questions and I’ll try to answer them and help you out 😀 Happy New Year!!

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  7. Lisa, you are such a beautiful person inside and out. I am so glad that I’ve e-met you here.
    I hope that your 2017 is wonderful – that you accomplish the amazon. Yes the amazon. Write girl. Write! Because you can! Tackling anything blog scares me – because i don’t speak any computer talk and I usually break things when I try!
    And if there are lowlights in 2017, keep focusing on the good ones becuase they always outshine them. xooxxox

    1. Awwww, Kim what a lovely compliment *beams*. I’m so glad I’ve e-met you, too! TY for the encouragement on the writing—I always need a kick. Agh, blog techie stuff drives me nutty. Honestly, I could spend hours troubleshooting because I insist on solving the problem. I get kind of obsessed but have to eventually walk away and get pro help. Best to you in 2017, Kim and I look forward to reading more of your wonderful posts at Mommygosomethingsomething!! xoxo

  8. Wishing you a fab 2017 with lots of inspiration and new adventures. You are one of the most kind and lovely bloggers I know. You deserve the best ❤

    1. Thank you, Caroline! wow, that is so sweet of you to say and you also—-deserve the best!! I look forward to reading all about your adventures in 2017 <3

  9. –Lisa,
    such fun to read!
    I love the photo w/ your girlfriends. You are a cutie and look sooo young.
    You are such an optimist that it is impossible to imagine you will not fulfill all of your dreams! Love from Duluth. xxxxxxx

    1. Aw, thank you so much Kim! I love those pics especially the B & W because it seems to capture some candid expressions. Those ladies are my ‘root’ friends (I got that term from you) and so special to me. Building that dream with ya, Kim xoxo

  10. Hi Lisa,

    Happy new year! I for one enjoyed reading your blog posts throughout the year. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2017!

    I think it’s good that you focused on the high notes instead of the low ones…sure they were there for our growth but we don’t have to hold on to them – only the lesson we learned from it. 🙂

    I love the pictures of your visit. I’ve never been to Florida but would love to one day. You all look fab in the pic – and it looks like you all have fun together.

    I love your theme for 2017….I plan on doing just that – build a dream. I couldn’t do it last year because of personal issues but I’m picking up where I left off and really hustlin’ this year. 🙂

    Here’s wishing you a kick as 2017!


    1. Thank you, Cori! It’s so nice to have your voice here. Yes, indeed you are hustlin’ by the looks of your blog. I look forward to all the valuable information you’ll be sharing in 2017. Much of it is helpful to my readers as well. Life and personal stuff has a way of taking over at times for sure. Glad you’re back, Cori!

  11. This is so good to read you again Lisa! And to run through all the best posts of your year 2016. It’s been a pleasure fo be on the road with you and I wish you all the best for your special dream. You’ll rock this year 2017!

  12. I love your look back on the year. All of these posts are great. I hope you had a lovely holiday season, and I wish you a happy, heathy, and successful 2017. 🙂

  13. Hey Lisa,

    I tell you what, you are magnificent! Looks like you had a pretty good year overall. We can have all UPS and now downs, right? The good things about friends, true friends, is they are always there pulling for ya. I’m glad you have them to help you!

    So many are starting new niches, creating new themes, and taking a new direction with their blogs (like monetizing or opening a store). I’m sure whatever you come up with will be awesome! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Hi Bren, yes these ladies are there for both. <3 Yes, it's exciting to see the changes some of our blogging friends are starting for 2017. I wish I had that much exciting news for my blog but it will be a slower change I think. I have my ebooks to publish first. Still, my site could definitely use a refresh! Nice to see you, Bren. Have a nice weekend!

  14. 2016 was an awesome year for you, and love that you spent such quality time with your friends, so important!! Haha and can totally relate to that Julia quote…I’m making an effort to try to finish one thing rather than have 10 unfinished projects lying about but it’s SUCH a challenge. Here’s to good things in 2017, Lisa!!

    1. Haha, exactly. Friends are the wine of life! Good luck with your writing projects Jess. I look forward to hearing more about them!

  15. Cori R sent me your way and I am glad she did. As a recently divorced woman I chose to take the high road and make things simple and conflict free. I was lucky our son is 19 and graduated and our marriage had grown apart for so many years. I look forward to reading some of your past posts to get some insight and the new ones in 2017 as I start this year as a single woman with a dream.

    1. Hi Renee, welcome to The great Escape! Sounds like you’ve had an amicable divorce, good for you 🙂 Congrats on starting your new life and fulfilling dreams!

  16. This is a great idea for an end-of-year post! My main goal for 2017 is to write five new short pieces for publication and submit them to various journals and magazines for publication consideration. I have stuff in the works for the editing blog too like a sign-up incentive booklet on how authors can utilize book clubs.

    1. Thanks, Jeri. Your writing goals sound excellent. I’m sure your work will be chosen for publication. Keep us posted on your blog so we can read it! Your booklet sounds awesome. Book clubs are a great resource and fun!

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