A Bad Husband Costume?

I was having my Sunday night telephone conversation with my 17 year old son when I asked what he was going to dress as for Halloween, at school.  He told me he was going as a “Bad Husband”.  Oh, oh.  Was this a latent reaction to his father’s and my divorce?  So I asked him where he got the idea and he said on the Internet.  Pheeew, not my fault after all.  So I asked him what a bad husband looked like.  He said he has lipstick marks all over his collar and a pair of panties in his shirt pocket.  Ah, infidelity.  I chuckled at the ingenious costume idea.  Later though, I got to thinking about some other possible “Bad Husband” costumes.  I came up with a few ideas;

The Golf Addicted Husband
simply don golf attire and carry the clubs

(Okay, so he makes a little money while he’s playing…)


The Mamma’s Boy Husband
wear a shirt that reads “I’m always right” on the front and on the back it reads “just ask my mom”.


The Gambling Husband
Just carry around a hand of cards.

“I lost again!”


The Workaholic Husband
Just carry a briefcase and look disheveled.


The Ego Husband
attach a cardboard bubble larger than your own head that reads EGO with a teeny tiny cardboard bubble beside it that says ID.
Well, hopefully I got a few smiles.  The point is, we’re all imperfect.  Some of us are just better at it than others.

Enjoy your Halloween with your ghosts and ghouls, little and big! Wishing all of you single moms that extra burst of energy you will need to get your little ones organized and out on this busy night of celebration!

“Come on Mom!  Let’s go before all the candy is gone!”

Do you have an idea for a “Bad Husband” costume?  Please share with us!

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