What’s Up Weekend?

What's Up Weekend?I have been working diligently on my fiction writing and enjoying every minute of it. The only problem is it has left me with less time to blog.

Today, I’m linking up with Charlotte, Lyndsay, Beth for What’s up weekend…

A little gratitude for what’s happening lately, and some chatter about what’s going on in the digital divorce world.

First, what’s up weekend?

Happy Groundhog Day! What’s it going to be shadow or no?

Our weekends for January have been pretty quiet and relaxing. With the first month of 2018 being one of hte rainiest on record, it’s been a time of cozying up with netflix and a nice bottle of wine. We’ve made a concerted effort to get to the beach for a run or walk and to enjoy some slivers of sunshine. After our beach forays, off to the market we go to get fresh bread, fruits, veggies, snacks for our sofa surfing. In all, we’ve been pretty boring all month but that’s about to end.

We’re off to Vegas!

We’re only spending three days in Vegas but I’m super looking forward to the whole sunshine-ey, warm temps and party vibe. We leave Sunday and I won’t be sorry to say a temporary goodbye to this grey, damp and rainy west coast weather. It hasn’t even had the decency to be a warm rain 😛 Keep an eye on my instagram as I’m sure to share some Vegas pics.

Gratitude List

My ‘me-selfy’ time at the spa this week-massage and pedicure treatment. Oh, I should really take the time to do this more often. I felt completely pampered for a few hours.

My get-away to southern climes

My yoga classes and teachers for keeping me flexible and sane

Wine-honestly, not sure how I would survive this dark and dreary winter without a glass bottle of wine. Speaking of wine, I’m putting together a new e-book for all of The Wine Diaries posts, titled; The Wine Diaries–Musings on Life After Divorce. Every entry is paired with a suitable wine, of course. I will keep you all posted on the publish date. Although, I’m certain this will be a gift with subscription here at the blog. That means all of my current subscribers will also receive a complimentary copy.

My strength-I like to give thanks to my body and mind for it’s strength and endurance. Whether it’s getting creative or physical, I’m fortunate to have parts that work well and allow me to do all the things I love.

So, that’s my list…it’s kind of broad but so happens to be the things I’m grateful for right now.

#ChangeThisNow Social Campaign

In other news, I thought this was important and worth sharing here with my Escapees;  #Changethisnow is a new social campaign designed to bring awareness to the rights of divorced women who have been punished in the legal system. They have either lost rights to their children, lost the right to protect their children from an abusive ex, or been exploited through the courts to the point of facing poverty. Divorced Moms founding editor Cathy Meyer has started the social campaign, and is asking all divorced women who have faced legal challenges to share their stories with her.  She will publish the stories on the site anonymously if requested.

Cathy Meyer can be contacted at editor@divorcedmoms.com

what's up weekend?

I’ll be away for the week so I wanted to share some links for you if you’re looking for some divorce support in the absence of this little blog;

Check out Divorce Force for a variety of fabulous articles

Check out DivorcedMoms for equally fabulous articles

That’s it for now.


What’s up for your weekend, Escapees?

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37 Replies to “What’s Up Weekend?”

  1. I love to see what you are doing here, Lisa—so many great things!! So excited to see your blog grow and with it, your writing opportunities! Can’t wait to read what’s next from you 🙂

    Omg VEGAS!!! That’s perfection, one of my friends invited me to her bachelorette party there this year. May be difficult with house buying but I’d love to make it. Soak up all that beautiful sunshine and can’t wait to hear everything!! Xo
    Charlotte recently posted…What’s up, weekend 2/2My Profile

    1. Aw, thank you, Charlotte! I’m all packed and ready to go…but not leaving until tomorrow 😀 I hope you can go to the bachelorette party there. Should be a good time. I’m looking forward to sitting in the sun by the pool.

        1. Hey charlotte, Hahaha, apparently that is true. I didn’t end up posting much on insta. Only the one photo of our trip to the Grand Canyon (which was awe inspiring). Back home now so will pop over to My Pixie to see what’s happening. xo

  2. I am jealous of your Vegas trip! I could use some warm sunshine and a little getaway from everything! I hope you enjoy every moment! And yay for me time! I’m gifting myself some of that in the coming week and I cannot wait! Have a great weekend!
    Beth recently posted…What’s Up Weekend 02.02.18My Profile

    1. Hi Lauren, yes that’s a great campaign that the editor started. I’m anxious to see where it goes and how it may possibly change some things in the legal system. The shows really are spectacular. We haven’t decided yet what we’ll see. I like to check it out when I get there. You’re a Vegas virgin!!

  3. The body is amazing, isn’t it? For the aches and pains, there’s way more good stuff we can do. And it’s a great feeling when you can feel things getting better and stronger.

    We have ice soccer going on this weekend. Not intentionally – it’ll be in the 30s for at least two of Camdyn’s games this weekend!

    1. YES. We should really focus on its beauty and abilities rather than lament the flaws. 😀 Wow, that’s weird weather for your neck of the woods. Stay warm, Coach!

    1. Hey Deb, thank you for the encouragement re: my fiction. I’ve been enjoying the editing process. Ya know, I packed warm stuff then I checked the weather (duh) and it’s actually going to be pretty warm in the daytime. low to mid 20’s C. At night it cools down dramatically though. So, I’m packing a couple of warm sweaters for night time. Only one long sleeved T. But yes, that air conditioning can be a bit extreme. I’ll have some booze on board and won’t notice after a while haha!

  4. Love both the news Lisa…so glad that your fiction writing is going well and all the best for your Vegas trip. Weather has really been good the last two days and is expected to be summer weather for the next two weeks. Have FUN! Don’t spend too much on the casinos…I never get tempted by them 🙂
    Balroop Singh recently posted…What Is The Best Apology?My Profile

  5. I bleached my hair blonde this weekend rather than watching the Super Bowl. Come next Sunday I’m dying it purple because Monday I’ll be in New Orleans, and Fat Tuesday is coming up fast. I can’t wait! My purple hair is going to fit right in.

  6. Can’t wait to read more about your fiction writing Lisa. This is so good that you are finding time working on this.
    Thanks for sharing these links. I know it can help many women dealing with the mess of divorce.
    Enjoy Vegas Lisa!
    Marie Kleber recently posted…Stay with meMy Profile

    1. Thank, Marie! I will keep you posted on the publication. Vegas was fantastic. Very warm! Yes, the #thishastochange campaign is a great idea and I hope it takes off.

  7. Hey girl!
    Good for you for planning so some care at the spa, bet you were thankful afterwards and you felt amazing and recharged.
    Oh Vegas and sun and sand… it all sounds wonderful right about now. I’m so over winter… I say this as we are experiencing white outs today… lol. Oh well, spring and summer will soon arrive.

    Hope you’re having a great week love. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Lindsay! It was so nice to get some sun and warm weather…ahhh, now we’re back and it’s like we never left, LOL. Hope you’re out of the deep freeze soon!

  8. It does sound like the perfect time to cozy up at home and sofa surf, Lisa. We all need days like that, to just slow down. Hope Vegas is a good trip and you get to bask in the sunshine. Sometimes you just have to get away from the cold 🙂 Congrats on the upcoming e-book. What an achievement 🙂

    For me, my weekends are usually spent catching up on blogs, walking and lying around 🙂

    1. Hi Mabel, indeed the dark, rainy nights lend themselves to netflix and movie nights 😛 We had a super trip and got lots of vitamin D! Thanks re: the book. It’s been a labor of love. Your weekends sound very relaxing, Mabel.

  9. So I have had your link open ALL DAY and just now finally reading it! I am THRILLED you got to get the hell AWAY. Oh my, it’s soooo needed during the winter months! And I do hope you had a WONDERFUL time, my friend! Do we get to read about it or is what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas? Hmmm… LOL

    I love your gratitude list- every last one of them. The pampering, the yoga, the appreciation of the strength and creativity you hold, and WINE- all such worthy investments in your health and peace of mind… 🙂
    Christine Carter recently posted…An Easter Devotional That Will Bring You To Your KneesMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Chris! It was a much needed break from the grey, dark and rainy weather here on the Coast. Vegas is kind of a predictable trip haha. But we did do a day trip to see the Grand Canyon which ended up being the true highlight. It was incredible and awe inspiring. I was nervous to go too close to the edge for photos though. Although we took a few good ones. There was no fence where we viewed. Can you even believe that? One wrong move and buh-bye. The spa was so soothing. I’m selfishly ready for another spa day 😀 Yes, our health is everything.

  10. You visited Nevada and didn’t make a stopover in Reno… 🙁

    Just FYI….Vancouver is super high on my list!! I’ve incurred a bunch of debt this year (life happens) so it will probably be in 2019!

    Oh…and Hi there!! 🙂 🙂

    1. We thought about going there Mike but we chose a warmer destination (San Diego). We drove there after our Vegas stay. We definitely want to visit Reno as a whole separate trip. Hope you can meet up with us for a lunch or dinner and give us the inside scoop! You would love Vancouver, Mike. It is truly beautiful. Can’t promise no rain though 😛

    1. The wine pairing really makes it extra tasty 🙂 Thanks for the offer Chrys, I could certainly use some reviews. I’ll let you know. Reviews are like gold to us authors.

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