V-Day-One Billion Rising

VDay-One Billion RisingForget about Cupid.  That’s easy if you’re currently navigating a divorce.  Replace Cupid with a cause.  Join One Billion Rising, a movement started by Eve Ensler of the Vagina Monologues fame.  She began this movement 15 years ago to raise awareness about violence against women. I only learned about it this year, I’m ashamed to admit.  The One Billion comes from the statistic that one billion women around the world will suffer from violence in their lifetime.  Isn’t that disturbing? Tens of thousands of dance parties, rallies and performances in more than 170 countries will take place on February 14th.  If you would like to participate visit the website OneBillionRising.org to find a rally or dance party in your city.  Also, Anne Hathaway has designed a tank top in honor of the cause.  You can order her tank top here.

Happy Dancy, V Day, ladies! Hats off to everyone who will take a moment to dance for the victims world wide.  Here is my song choice. You can return here and click and dance on the 14th.

So I couldn’t decide between Cyndi Lauper’s classic and now retro; Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or Pink’s FunHouse.  I posted both for you.

[jwplayer mediaid=”3168″]



[jwplayer mediaid=”3170″]

I love Pink’s energy in this video. Don’t you just want to drive off on a Harley?

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2 Replies to “V-Day-One Billion Rising”

  1. Next year I must join the uprising, it’s right up my alley.

    What a lot of people don’t get is that most of us outspoken angry women aren’t anti-MEN. Speaking for myself, I adore men; as one of my friends once said, every woman ought to have a few.

    But the culture of violence and rape (which is also perpetrated on men, by other men and sometimes by women) which makes it something we ignore, tolerate, and don’t think is that big a deal – and wasn’t she asking for it? THAT’s what pisses me off.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. You’re right Beverly. Standing up against abuse doesn’t mean hating men. One of the most effective campaigns i’ve seen is where high profile male athletes speak out against abuse against women, telling their buddies it’s not cool even verbal abuse. Thanks for your comment Beverly 🙂

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