top 10 reasons to love living singleAfter being married with a family, it can be a huge adjustment to live alone or without a partner.  Suddenly, what was once a bustling household can feel empty and the quiet unsettling.  This can lead to loneliness. 


It is normal to feel lonely if you are living alone for the first time in many years.  Now, everything is for one, not 2 or 4.  You feel like the odd man out.  When the children are away at their Dad’s this feeling can be overwhelming.   Why not look at the other side of things?  Think about all of the annoying habits your ex may have had that would drive you crazy…you thought of a few right?  Now you don’t have to put up with anyone else’s ****, just your own.  How nice is that?  Of course, when the kids return the household comes to life once again, with laughter, friends over, video games blasting in the background and calls to the dinner table.  Until they return though, take delight in living single.  Spoil yourself a little.

Here are my TOP 10 Reasons to Love Living Single; (okay, 11)

11. You can watch another chick flick without the guilt and hold the remote- all night!

10. You can listen to your favorite music full blast

9. You can dance not just like no one is watching but because no one is watching


8. No one is there to judge anything you do, it’s all up to you

7. You can decorate your bedroom exactly how you like…all flowery or pink?

top 10 reasons to love living single

6. You get the whole bottle of wine!top 10 reasons to love living single

5. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you can turn on the bedside lamp to write or read and not worry about waking anyone

4. You have your bathroom to yourself and it stays clean a lot longer…

3. When you return home from a brief or long absence everything is just how and where you left it

2. You wake up alone, with no one’s expectations lying beside you

AND the number 1 Reason to Love Living Single is…..

1. When you grocery shop, you get to buy everything for yourself…all of your favorite indulgences without a thought for another human being’s taste, a true luxury

top 10 reasons to love living single



Check out this charming, heartwarming video by poet Tanya Davis.  This young woman teaches us to be proud of being alone…it is a reminder that it is not taboo to be single!


What are your reasons to love Living Single?  Share your story of how you adapted to being alone and inspire other readers!


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  1. Thanks for this reminder of the positives of living single. Sometimes I feel lonely but I realize I there are some real perks to living on my own! Thanks for the top 10

  2. I love your post! I am newly separated and your top 10 has cheered me up. Thanks for the reminders and the info on lawyers on your site. I like the video too.

  3. Love it! There is a man’s version of this, too, but many of the things are very similar… just less mature. 🙂

    1. Hi Greg, Thanks for stopping by. I saw your awesome top 10 list! The funniest one was #9 “waking up next to a woman half your age and not knowing her name” Very clever 😉 Enjoy your single life while it lasts.

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