The Wine Diaries-Dear Santa…

the wine diaries“Christmas time is here…beauty everywhere…” the classic Christmas carol from a Charlie Brown Christmas always takes me back to my childhood.Β  I remember my Grade 1 Christmas concert. It was my very first experience on a stage. My nose bled right before we walked on stage. The teacher told me it happened because I was so excited.

We sang “Oh Tannenbaum”. Our grade 1 class practiced for what seemed like months but it was probably only a week or two. I wondered why we couldn’t just sing Oh Christmas Tree instead. I mean that was the song I knew all the words to…not Oh Tannenbaum.

I asked Santa that year for a red wagon. I wanted one so bad I dreamed of it. I fantasized about putting all of my friends (stuffed animals) inΒ  it and taking them out for a walk to the park. I might even be able to talk my older brother into pulling me in it.Β  It would certainly be less scary than riding on his handle bars, down hill. That was frightening. Next time we had to go somewhere and he had to begrudgingly take me he could pull me in the wagon. I wouldn’t bother anybody. Most importantly, we wouldn’t be speeding and I could get out in case of an emergency.

I didn’t get that red wagon. I was heartbroken when I found an ugly doll under the tree. She had a pull string, granny glasses and a blue polka dot outfit. She was scarier than riding on my brother’s handlebars. What was I going to do with this doll? I wondered. I don’t play with dolls. Never.

mrs. beasley

I clearly asked Santa for a red wagon. He obviously didn’t hear me. Either that or I was really bad this year.

Red Wagon

Mrs. Beasley and I got to know each other (reluctantly) throughout Christmas day but I’ll never forget my disappointment. I know Linus says it’s not about what’s under the tree but it’s about the people around it. Not when you’re 5 years old, people. Not. At. All.

If Santa can’t hear you than who can? I mean I sat on his knee and whispered in his ear and everything. How could this travesty happen?

In time, Mrs. Beasley became a friend of mine and in fact, she stuck with me for many years. I couldn’t seem to get rid of her. She survived a few moves and hid out in my closet all through my teen years. I have no idea why.

If I could talk to her today I would tell her, I’m sorry I didn’t like her at first. She seemed too old. Now, I’m probably older than she was. I’m the Mrs. Beasley. I wear the glasses. Luckily I don’t have a pullstring.
The Rolling Stones were right, you can’t always get what you want. You can make the best of it though. What’s your earliest Christmas memory?

Pair with California’s Red Truck Red table wine.

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20 Replies to “The Wine Diaries-Dear Santa…”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I loved that childhood confession…very well articulated. I have always believed that all stories have some roots, some touch of realism from which they emerge. The best stories are those, which are close to our heart!

    You may have tagged it humorous but it possesses the pain, the yearning, the disappointment, the hope and resilience.
    Thanks for sharing! Much Love and Merry Christmas.

    1. I hated that doll but felt guilty at the same time. πŸ™‚ First lesson in not always getting what I ask for. LOL. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Balroop! xo

  2. Oh my gosh! I would have preferred the red wagon too! I love to think back at my childhood and all the dreams and wishes and how a lot of them never came true. Truly straight from your heart Lisa.

    Happy Holidays my friend!

    P.S. I think you should go buy that red wagon. πŸ˜‰

    1. Ha! Maybe I should get myself one of those. Just seeing the image of it sets off a deep yearning. Thanks, Bren! Happy Holidays to you too!

    1. Ha! It really is the doll, Tamara. I guess it was a popular doll at the time but I was never really a girl who played with dolls. Red wagon, here I come!!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    That was so well written πŸ™‚

    Yes, where are all our childhood wishes fulfilled…not all, and when you ask Santa for something you really want, and are gifted something else, I can understand the disappointment.

    I agree with Balroop, all stories have a root somewhere, a base from within that makes us write them, and there is always a reason we write them. More so, it’s a good outlet too. I would have loved dolls – and I was lucky I guess because what we wished for during Christmas was mostly stuffed in the hanging stockings – till we grew up.

    Thanks for sharing, and wishing you and yours Happy Holidays πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Harleena, I guess this stand out in my memory because I desired that red wagon so badly and the disappointment was sharp. Although, most little girls would have loved that doll, I was a tomboy and didn’t appreciate it the way I should have. πŸ™‚ Stockings were fun!! We still stuff them for our kids who are all in their 20’s πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas to you, Harleena!

  4. I remember Mrs Beasley was Buffy’s doll from the tv show “Family Affair”! Or was that Cindy’s doll in the Brady Bunch. No, she had Kitty Carryall. Yep, I was right…my trivia mind continues! It was Family Affair. Why am I leaving a comment about dolls when I’m totally sober?! I need a hug lol πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas Lisa!

    1. Ha! Mike, you’re right it was from that show. I think we watched it at the time too. I’m sure my parents thought I would love that doll but I was too much of a tomboy. Better question: Why are you totally sober?! Hugs your way!! Merry Christmas, Mike xo

  5. ohhh that would have been crushing.
    i would have been all in for the red wagon over that mrs beasley! never was a fan of that doll!
    i just didn’t get her either. i wanted a baby doll to look like, a BABY.

    1. Exactly! Why a grandma doll? She talked too which I wasn’t crazy about. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Tracie and Merry Christmas to you out in Finland!

  6. Mrs. Beasley has charm to her. But now I feel like buying you a red wagon. πŸ™‚ My earliest Christmas memory was when I was about 5 or 6 and I got a Nutcracker for Christmas. Oh my! I was enchanted and in love. πŸ˜€ I still have him too, although he’s a bit beaten up from moving a dozen times. He’s still handsome though. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you, Kim! I’m seeing Red Wagons (noticed I capitalized) everywhere since I wrote that post. It must be a sign that I have to have one. A Radio Flyer πŸ™‚ I hope you’re feeling a ‘good’ emotional. Love and happiness to you, Kim! 2015 will be a good year for blogs, wine, friends and laughter.

  7. Wow Lisa! I remember Mrs Beasley – my ex made me watch the Buffy reruns. I never understood why anyone would want an old lady doll either. A red wagon would have been a much better choice.

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