The Martini Diaries


“Justice is open to everyone in the same way as the Ritz Hotel.”
Judge Sturgess

*Lisa Thomson v. A.R. Thomson Group
Notice of Civil Claim 
Witness List – Plaintiff – UPDATED August 2017

*550934 BC Ltd. v. Thomson Valve & Fitting Partnership
Notice of Civil Claim –  (pending filing)

*LLT Holdings Inc. v. 550920 BC Ltd.
Audit Petition 
Audit Affidavit – Petitioner

*Lisa Thomson v. Al Thomson & AR Thomson Ltd.
Delta Property Petition 
Delta Property Affidavit – Petitioner

*LLT Holdings Inc. v. 550920 BC Ltd. 
Oppression Petition (pending filing)
Oppression Affidavit – Petitioner (pending filing)

Chamber Proceedings
Discovery Order – Plaintiff/Ordered
Discovery Appeal -Defendant/Dismissed
Application to Amend Pleadings
 – Plaintiff/Pending

Upcoming Chamber Proceedings
Amended Pleadings Struck – Defendant
Bifurcated Trial – Defendant
Striking Pleadings – Defendant

Legal Article
Evidence Prior to Trial
Acting In Good Faith
Third-party Litigation Funding
Four Elements of Civil Fraud

Litigation Funding
Bentham IMF Capital Limited
Harbour Litigation Funding

Civil claims have yet to be proven in court.
* Lisa Thomson’s Company

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