The Letter I Never Sent

Hint: It wasn’t a love letter…Today I’m over at Come on over and check out this fabulous site.  It proves to be an unprecedented resource for women navigating divorce.

The Letter I Never Sent
image source; MissLeslieKnopeTumblr

I’m honored to be among the resource writers, contributing tips, stories and essays once every few weeks.  Psssst, I’ll be sharing stuff over there that I wouldn’t dare say here…Shhhh…I may not always announce when I’m over there for that very reason…so I strongly recommend you join the site.  You will LOVE all the talented bloggers hanging out there.


The Letter I Never Sent
source; FilmDistrict

My second post at DM, I explore anger.  You may relate to this one so click on over.  See ya there!  Don’t forget to leave a comment, I LOVE ’em.

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    1. Hi Kim, they featured it yesterday so now it’s probably already buried. The first link in the post takes you to the home page and the last link ( click over) will take you right to my article. I might have to change that so it’s clearer. Thanks for asking 🙂

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