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So, we’re switching it up here at The great Escape Blog and throwing in some fiction. I’ve been working on a short story collection titled The Icing On the Cake. Each story features a marriage in trouble or a divorce under way.  Before you sigh and tell me ‘that sounds depressing…’, I wrote a few for the romantics about finding love unexpectedly after divorce. In this collection of stories there is inspiration, desperation, heartache and joy. It’s a work in progress but it’s also time to share a little taste with you, dear readers.

Today I want to share a small EXCERPT of the first story in the series. To be honest, it’s not so much that I want to as I think it’s time to overcome my fear of imperfection, when it comes to my fiction writing. Just posting this small excerpt had me making some edits and improvements. Sharing has forced me to ‘work on’ my story and as any writer knows, that’s a positive!

Meet my first character, Ashley Corrigan. A restless woman in a cool, childless marriage. Ashley has plenty of opportunity to warm up with men she often meets through her work as an interior designer. You might judge her or maybe you identify with her.


the icing on the cake excerpt

Story I: False Cohesion

When she opened her eyes at the break of dawn, the first thing on her mind was him. The first face she pictured was his. His face screwed up in ecstasy, saying her name. His smiling mouth and scrunched eyes were staring back at her haunting her before she could even wipe the sleep from her eyes.  This has to stop. She glances over at her husband, snoring lightly beside her.

He hasn’t touched her in months and this cold breeze blowing through the middle of their bed was their normal.  The early light cast a blue shadow over his suit, neatly hung at the closet door. He was passionate about his clothing and his appearance. Bill was neat and passionate. Wasn’t passion supposed to be messy?

Her sleepy eyes roamed over their bedroom and she wondered at the false cohesion of the décor.  False cohesiveness. Falsely cohesive: a false state of unity. She played with the words silently in her head. The floral here and the stripes there made it appear as if the couple who resided here really were together.  There was just the right amount of masculine and feminineShe created the facade. It was a lie.

If they were cohesive why was she desperately seeking validation in other bedrooms. Lately she found it in Robert’s bedroom, a newly divorced and slightly younger man. She had met him at work. She met many men at work and for years had remained cool, aloof and true to Bill. For years she remained loyal, seeking an impossible intimacy in her marriage. This failed effort didn’t excuse her cheating ways and she knew that. Deep in her frozen heart’s core, she knew she was wrong. If anyone found out what kind of woman she really was, she would die. They have names for women like me, she thought. She would surely die if Bill found her out. He would have nothing to do with her and in fact, would likely kick her out of their home. He has told her in the past that if she screwed up, he wouldn’t be apt to share their wealth. He was the lawyer. He made the money. Big time lawyer, I get it Ashley thought, absently.

Thoughts of her disloyalty were fleeting as she yawned and padded through the hall in her housecoat.  Passing by the hallway mirror she caught a reflection of a woman still able to wake up attractive. One day, she knew very well it was only a matter of time, her looks would do less for her.

She was meeting Robert this afternoon and all she could think of was the anticipated bliss. It got her through the rote morning routine. Putting coffee on, getting out the breakfast ingredients and prepping lunch for work. Soon Bill would appear in the kitchen showered and fully dressed. His law firm had a major client they were attending trial conference with today. Bill was always well prepared for his courtroom trials.  He was ill prepared, Ashley had a hunch, for what life might throw at him outside the courtroom. Without a judge to hand down a sentence what would he do? How would he know who was right and who was wrong?

As Bill was coming down the stairs, Ashley was climbing up. They shared a formal morning greeting. She couldn’t look him in the eye on the days she met Robert. It was John before that and Greg before John and Ethan before that. She was empowered by the sex. The empowerment gave Ashley confidence and outweighed the guilt. It was addictive.

               ‘Have you seen Bill’s wife lately? She’s positively glowing. It looks like she just got back from a relaxing holiday. I wonder what her secret is..?’

                ‘She’s getting some on the side…’ the two women laughed and sipped on their white wine.

Ashley plays back, in her mind this imaginary conversation between the wives of Bill’s colleagues. Idle gossip she may be the subject of and wanted to avoid without compromise. Ashley gave her head a gentle shake to bring her back to her morning routine.  As the hot water flowed soothingly over her head and down her back, she thought of what to wear and how Robert’s hands would undress her slowly. Today she was meeting clients in the office and could dress up without worrying about muddy work site visits. A skirt, high heels and her navy blue button up, silk blouse would do nicely. Robert was adept at buttons and enjoyed the soft, silky fabrics against his skin…

Will Ashley get caught and lose everything? Will she leave Bill?

I’ll keep you posted, Escapees as to The Icing On The Cake upcoming publication. It will be available as an e-book. In the meantime, I will share a few more excerpts from the collection.

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29 Replies to “The Icing On The Cake-Excerpt”

  1. Ooooh, this sounds so good! I think your knowledge on the subject of marriage and divorce makes you the perfect writer to craft a story like this and a character like Ashley. I’m an anxiously waiting to hear more news about your book! Yay!!!

    1. Thank you, Chrys! 🙂 I can embellish quite well. Your blog posts on writing tips have certainly helped me along the way!

  2. ***When she opened her eyes at the break of dawn, the first thing on her mind was him. The first face she pictured was his. His face screwed up in ecstasy, saying her name***

    WOW. So proud of you, Lisa!! xxx

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I definitely want to read more! You had me from beginning to end! I agree with Chrys. Your knowledge on the subject of marriage and divorce will certainly make for some interesting plots. 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!


    1. Hi Cori, thank you so much. That’s only the first, opening scene and it gets a little more exciting. It’s hard to pick an excerpt that sets the stage and intrigues the reader with only a few paragraphs. Glad you liked it!

  4. Juicy! I wonder if Bill is getting something on the side too! How can they go that long without touching each other?? Sigh.

  5. I Love It Lisa! Well done. I am so proud of you for starting writing fiction and for sharing with us. You have my full support. First lines make me want to read more…

  6. Hi Lisa,

    What a wonderful surprise! You surely have an eye for detailed description and that is one essential quality of good fiction! I like Ashley as she seems to believe in liberation, she has the guts to follow her heart and is not easily scared…looking forward to more.

    Thanks for sharing and revealing another aspect of your writing skills. Congratulations!

    1. Hi Balroop, 🙂 Thank you! It’s sharing a different side of my writing for sure. Hope you had a lovely break!

  7. Lisa, this was awesome and my eyes were completely glued. You have the perfect combination of knowledge and a gravitating imagination on the subject matter. I, myself, can totally relate to Ashley because I was in a very long relationship before I met my beau I am with now.

    But in the previous relationship, there came a time when I was no longer physically attracted to him but still so attached to the idea of our relationship, it was hard for me to let it go. We just grew apart and so I started seeking attention from outside our partnership. Definitely something I am not proud but there were so many other circumstances that insisted on furthering my destructive ways. Not just wanting attention, but wanting to drink my sorrows away which led to more attention seeking behavior.

    I wish I had the courage to write stories like this. I’ve almost forgiven myself and I think once I am fully ready to open those chapters, I will.

    Great job and I love your writing, as usual!

    1. Thank you, Gina! That’s a huge compliment. *beams* but you shouldn’t feel guilty for your past. It’s part of who you are today. Make peace. I know, I know—who am I to say? I still give myself shit for things I did long ago. Yes, forgive yourself. You deserve it!! Nice to see you, Gina!

  8. What a wonderful idea for a short story collection. I’ll be looking forward to it when it’s ready to hit the e-shelves, but posting an excerpt every now and again is great as well.

    1. Thanks, Jeri! I will be requiring your editing services before publishing it. I’ll contact you. Still revising and working on the drafts 🙂

    1. Hi Maniparna, welcome to The Great Escape blog 🙂 I will find you on twitter. Thanks for your feedback on my short fiction excerpt.

  9. Hi lisa,,

    Thank you for your short story..

    You are an awesome storyteller and you are going on the right path.
    I would like to read more, and go through your story.

    By the way you do fiction in best way.

    Have a great day!

  10. Well Lisa, I’m glad you decided to share an excerpt with your readers. Great writing my friend, awesome job and sounds like a great story.

    I never have time to read anymore. Way too much to do but boy, this one sounds good.

    Eager to read more so I’ll be watching and waiting.


    1. Hi Adrienne, thank you for the feedback. I will definitely share some excerpts of other stories in the Collection. I always read when I get into bed at night. That’s when I catch up with my passion for fiction and poetry. Thanks for stopping over!

  11. Hi, a very interesting story, I love to read more of it, I’ll be looking forward to your new book. Thanks for sharing some excerpt. love it.

    1. Thank you, Sherill! I plan to continue working on this collection next month and hope to get it done for fall. Thanks for reading it and sharing your feedback 🙂

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