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the good wife pat 2
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Last year I wrote about Alicia Florrick of The Good Wife.  I took a look at her character and how she sacrifices for a cheating husband.  She’s a great character study in discussing marriage, divorce, sacrifice and loyalty (heavy stuff).  If you missed it you can read it here.  So, after watching last week’s episode with a killer twist, I was moved to write once again, about Alicia Florrick and why we don’t want to be her.

When I discussed Alicia’s plight at the end of last season, we were left with a love cliff hanger.  Would Alicia finally give up on being the good wife?  Would she finally start living for herself instead of playing the role of the cheating Governor’s estranged wife?

(How much have you forgiven?)

The love cliff hanger was all about Will. Will and Alicia’s mutual respect for one another, their mutual talent in the courtroom (and the bedroom) left us all hoping they would finally unite.  We hoped Alicia would free herself from the responsibility of being a cheating politician’s wife.

But Mrs. Florrick’s drama isn’t ending anytime soon.   She’s facing possible legal consequences  regarding her husband’s suspicious Governor campaign.  She and her partner have started their own firm after a bitter departure from Lockhart & Gardner.  Will and Alicia have been going shoulder to shoulder in the courtroom while heated memories and competition keep the tension between them running high.

I have gotten great pleasure from watching Alicia get very tough in this season.  She isn’t taking s**t from anyone.  Her strength is about to be tested once again…

(Have you made a major life change that has tested your strength?)

In a shocking plot twist, Will is shot dead in the courtroom.

WHAT?  Will is DEAD…

As I sat with a tongue gaping stare, speechless…I was shocked…and so was everyone else.  Twitter was buzzing.  Everyone had a reaction.  Everyone wondered how the plot could continue without the integral character of Will?

(Is there someone in your life who is integral to your plot?  What would happen if they were gone tomorrow…would your dream go with them?)

Now, Alicia will mourn the death not only of a colleague but of a dream.  The very distant dream that one day she and Will might actually be together.  One day, they might actually take the step they both have longed for and meld what makes them rivals, into a strong team.  That dream is dead.

the good wife part 2
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There will never be another Will.  The immediate temptation for Alicia has been removed.  I’m not sure she has a reason to be anything but the Good Wife or the Good Lawyer now that Will is gone.

Now,  Alicia will never realize her dream of being Will’s partner.  She won’t realize her dream of a new life away from the political eye.  It’s too late now.  Alicia will mourn the loss of Will and what could have been.

I suspect we’ll see her full of regret for not even trying.

(Is there something you regret giving up on?)

We don’t know how much time we have left on this earth so do we want to spend it living for someone else?  Maybe it’s time to take a good hard look at what we’re doing and why.  Are we at least trying to live for our dreams?

(Have you been putting off a secret desire to make something happen in your life?)

Let Alicia Florrick be our reminder that our time isn’t infinite. There isn’t always tomorrow.  It’s so important to do something every day that pushes you toward either a lifelong goal, a lifelong desire, or a lifelong love.  One thing. That’s all it takes to get one step closer to your dream.  Don’t stand still just because that’s what everyone wants or expects you to do.  Keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other.

You don’t want to regret losing someone or something you’ve dreamed of but done nothing to attain.  One day it will be too late. Tonight let’s tune in and see how Alicia handles her loss.  Let’s live tweet.  Add @lisalisathom to your tweets and we’ll watch together. 9pm Eastern time.

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6 Replies to “The Good Wife Part 2”

  1. 1. LOVE love love THE GOOD WIFE.
    2. CANNOT stand Alicia’s cheating husband …but liked him as MR. Big on Sex and the City.
    3. I gasped when she pulled the sheet up and Will was REALLY dead. OMGosh.
    4. Can’t wait until tonight.


  2. I had a huge tv crush on Julianna Margulies when she played Carol Hathaway (ER). I’ve not watched The Good Wife but I did catch this huge episode explosion story on the Net last week and read up on it. I guess Josh Daniels wanted out NOW and the producers chose that ending. It was fascinating reading the blogger chat section on that particular post. You are spot on, Lisa. Today is all we have….and in fact this moment is all we have. Good post 🙂

    1. Yes, she is a gorgeous woman and I used to watch ER too. Today is IT…a good reminder. TKS, Mike 🙂

  3. LOVE and addicted to the good wife, but I haven’t watched in a while and hate that I know the spoilers, but will still be watching. I’ve know SO many women who stayed with cheating husbands, so can empathize with her character. I can’t relate… or at least think I can’t. What’s the quote… “you never know until you walk in her shoes.” Political wives and so many others it seems these days are a breed unto themselves.

    1. Hi Kim, you’re right, we don’t know until we walk in their shoes. It’s fun to sit on the couch and tell her what to do. Also, her cheating husband has some good qualities and they don’t make him so easy to loathe. TKS for stopping by!

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