Telling Your Kids About Your Divorce-Don’t Make These Mistakes

I’m working on a series of videos with ‘bite sized’ tips.  All of the videos will cover topics related to divorce.  I wanted to share one of them here because  it’s a very important topic.  Telling your kids…making that dreaded announcement.  You can guess that we’re not going to say “Honey, your Dad and I have decided to concsiously uncouple.”  No.  Not happening.

In this video I explain 5 common mistakes parents make when telling their children the ultimate in bad news.  What NOT to do when you drop that bomb.  Avoid making any of these 5 mistakes…

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Remember to expect some hiccups and imperfection.  These kind of conversations rarely go as planned.  Expect the unexpected and don’t be hard on yourself.  All you can do is your best.

telling the children about your divorce-don't make these 5 mistakes

Watch for new videos to come, with ‘bite size’  tips.  Join in this conversation.  What would you add to these 5 things?

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13 Replies to “Telling Your Kids About Your Divorce-Don’t Make These Mistakes”

    1. Hi Chrys, that would be great! I hope it helps her. I should also mention the book “i and the great divide” . It’s a book written for young children to help them understand divorce. I reviewed it here she can buy the book by going to their site. TKS, Chrys!

  1. Hi Lisa,

    You are SO right – never convey things like a bomb dropped over them when you disclose things to your kids. They have a tender heart and it would just break their hearts to see their parents part ways, two people they’ve always seen together.

    That was a lovely video, and good to see you too! Yes, talking to the children together works best so that they know it’s happening with consent and no hard feelings, if that be the case. I have friends who still meet even though they are divorced, and do so very happily with the kids – it almost seems like they are still a family. I guess it depends from family to family.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. TKS Harleena! Yes, children have ‘tender hearts’, very nicely put. I love hearing about couples like your friends, who can still be together with the kids post divorce. I admire that so much! Thanks for stopping by Harleena.

  2. There is almost no good way to tell someone this devastating news. But it must be done. I love that you give people plan. When they are in panic hearing this news, children need to ask questions. I always have parents encourage these questions! They need reassurance! I also love that you say to say it is mutual. This is SO hard for people but make it easier on the kids! Parents are often going through their own emotions take care of this! So you can be there for them!

    1. Exactly right, Jodi! That mental prep can make a difference in making it better for the children. It’s never easy and always devastating so all we can do is our best to mitigate the damage. Thanks for your valuable input 🙂

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