What’s Up Weekend?

What's Up Weekend?I have been working diligently on my fiction writing and enjoying every minute of it. The only problem is it has left me with less time to blog.

Today, I’m linking up with Charlotte, Lyndsay, Beth for What’s up weekend… Continue reading “What’s Up Weekend?”

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A Look Back at 2017

A Look Back 2017
image source unsplash by Allef Vinicius

A look back at 2017 here on the blog is always a fun way to end the year. I re-cap the first post I published from January to December for the year ending—2017. I often lament about time being elusive. This can’t be more profound than at the end of another year and the fresh beginning of a new one. Continue reading “A Look Back at 2017”

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Smokey Summer Update

smokey summer update
source; unsplash by allef vinicius

Well, I’m sitting in a smokey haze. It’s not that I’ve taken up smoking but it’s the forest, wild-fire smoke that has blown into town this week. It’s cast a yellow tint to everything including my brain.

Maybe it’s a summer slacker thing, but I’ve been avoiding my blog. Continue reading “Smokey Summer Update”

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A Divorce Companion


A Divorce Companion My new book available now: A Divorce Companion. This is the perfect accompaniment to my original book, The Great Escape; A Girl’s Guide to Leaving a Marriage which covers all your needs if you’re an economically dependent spouse initiating a divorce.

A Divorce Companion is complementary in that it tackles many topics in even greater detail. It is the result of five years of Continue reading “A Divorce Companion”

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Catch Up Over Coffee

#chattyblogs at lisathomsonliveHello Escapees, want to catch up over coffee? That’s one of my favorite things to do with friends. Even though we can’t do it literally, we can do it virtually here at the blog. Thanks to Shantala over at Shanayatales, for starting this Catch Up Over Coffee theme.  It’s just an informal chat designed to put a more personal slant on the blog.

I think after all that’s been going on it’s nice to take a deep breath and just talk. Shoot the breeze. So, grab your cup a joe. (Ironically, I wrote a similar post almost exactly a year ago Hello! Come On In, I’ll Put Coffee On I guess Shantala and I think alike). Continue reading “Catch Up Over Coffee”

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The Icing On The Cake Story Excerpt


My work in progress is The Icing On The Cake, a short story collection about love lost and won.  In the past, I shared an excerpt from one of the stories with you here on the blog. Although I have shelved it due to ____________ (fill in the blank with any excuse), I have not given up on it. I believe hope my fiction writing and also believe hope that my readers will get something out of my short story collection.

What stage is it at, you may be wondering. It’s been through a handful of ‘beta readers’ where they each made valuable suggestions. I made some of those recommended changes. Then it went through the first round of professional edits by both Chrys Fey and Jeri Walker who I highly recommend either of these ladies for fiction editing. I’ve been working on those edits as I mentioned however, I have also shelved it mentally for a few months. Continue reading “The Icing On The Cake Story Excerpt”

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Author Interview With Tara Eisenhard

author interview with Tara EisenhardI have a treat for you today, Escapees. Grab a coffee and get to know Tara Eisenhard, author of a touching book about divorce from a rare point of view.  The D-Word; Divorce Through A Child’s Eyes is a must read for parents and teens alike.

First, thank you Tara, for stopping over and being interviewed for The great Escape blog. I have to tell you right away, I couldn’t put the book down once I started. I also was quite emotional reading it as my heart went out to Gina, her little brother and their father. I don’t want to give too much away. I know my readers will want to hear all about it from you so, let’s get started;

  1. Tell us a little about you. Who is Tara Eisenhard?

I’m a child of divorced parents, an ex-wife and a previous partner of a divorced dad. I’m also a lover of animals, yoga, nature and toast (although I try to limit my carb intake). I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, and now I live in a small city in Pennsylvania… but my favorite place in the world is Cape Cod (I’m also a Mayflower descendant), and my dream is to someday live in New England.


  1. What was the most surprising element of your divorce?

To answer this question, I have to tell a quick story:  My marriage wasn’t good, but I was trudging along day after depressing day. One night my husband came home and suggested we separate. At first, I was livid. I screamed and stomped out of the room. When he met up with me in the office in our home, he asked, “Isn’t this what you want? Don’t you hate me?” I realized then that I really did hate my husband and I wanted nothing more than to get a divorce. That moment of brutal honesty changed everything for us—for the better. From that point on, at least for the most part, we had a very cooperative and respectful divorce process. Ten years later, we’re still friendly. I’m still amazed by how powerful that ‘Moment Of Truth’ was. It brought us to a place of common ground, and the next steps were clear. There was no need to fight anymore.


  1. You call yourself a ‘divorce enthusiast/divorce encouragist’. I love that! Tell us what that means.

It means that I refuse to think of divorce as a shameful tragedy. I believe divorce is a solution to a problem, not a problem itself. I learned from personal experience that marital separation presents a multitude of opportunities for families to improve and expand. Thus, I see the change as the beginning of a new chapter. And, I think it’s an event worthy of recognition and respectful celebration.


  1. How did you come up with Gina’s story in The D Word?

As a child of cooperatively divorced parents, I grew up thinking divorce was a good thing. When I learned how atypical my experience was, I became very curious. I started reading as much as I could about the topic and I began looking at other “divorced kids” with new eyes. One day I started writing a story about a girl whose parents were getting divorced. To craft the story, I used my own experience coupled with what I’d learned about more traditional divorces. Gina is a lot like me, but her parents are very angry and she feels torn between them. As a result her overall experience is pretty tumultuous.


  1. Was The D Word a novel that mixes in some of your own childhood experience?

Some of it, yes. In the beginning, Gina’s story almost mirrors my own. However, her story takes a tragic detour that I escaped, yet is common for many children of divorce.


  1. Who did you write the book for?

When the words began to flow, I thought I was writing for the preteen/teenager crowd. I thought I was writing for all the Ginas out there, so they would know they’re not alone. But the more I wrote, I thought about how different the story would be if Gina’s parents knew how she truly felt. I realized then that I wanted parents to read the book too. The D-Word is a story for kids, but it’s also a tool for adults.


  1. What are you hoping the reader will get out of your book?

So much human conflict rises from the stories we tell ourselves about a situation, and divorce is no different. When a couple separates, they view themselves and their ex in a certain role:  victim/abuser or hero/badguy, etc. Each person tends to assume that others in their lives are observing the same storyline, but that’s often not exactly the case. So, for parents or other adults, I want them to see a typical divorce from a different perspective. I hope the experience inspires more mindfulness, sensitivity, compassion and communication with children and, ideally, with each other.

My intention for children reading the book is that they can identify with Gina, so they don’t feel alone. There’s also an opportunity for them to expand their own perception and glimpse adult struggles through the process. And finally, I want them to see opportunities and feel hope for an improved outcome.


  1. What was your biggest lesson learned from your divorce?

Separating from my husband was like being let out of a cage. I was finally free to do what I wanted to do and be who I wanted to be. I think the lesson is best summed up by that line in the song Already Gone by The Eagles:  “So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key.”

Oh, I love that line!


  1. What was the biggest lesson learned from your parent’s divorce?

By far, the biggest lesson was the idea that divorce is a solution to a problem. As a result of my parents’ divorce, my family expanded, my relationships with each parent improved, and my parents’ relationship with each other improved. I think the divorce was one of the best things to happen in our family.


  1. Any advice for women or men starting a divorce today?

There’s so much that I could say, but I’ll make it easy by sharing my GOOD Divorce™ Principles:  G is for setting Goals… O is for Observing the situation without immediate evaluation and judgment… O is for considering all Options before making a final decision… and D is for maintaining your Dignity, as well as protecting the Dignity of your children.


  1. Are you working on a new book now or any future projects in the works?

Yes, my next book deals with the same theme from yet another perspective.  I don’t want to give away much more than that.  I’ll tell you, though:  It’s taking years to write because the emotional process is exhausting.

No doubt, the personal process of sharing experiences can be taxing but everyone will benefit from your wisdom. Good luck with your next book, Tara and thanks again, for joining me here!

Author Bio:

As an author, speaker, coach, mediator and ongoing student of divorce, Tara is passionate about sharing her vision and promoting a fresh perspective to allow for healthy healing.  She’s the author of the book The D-Word:  Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes as well as the GOOD Divorce™ Principles and the blog Relative Evolutions. Her work has been featured by DivorceForce, Divorcedmoms.com, Family Affaires, Stepmom Magazine, MariaShriver.com and The Huffington Post.

Author Interview With Tara Eisenhard
Author Tara Eisenhard

You can follow and visit Tara at the following social media:

I’d like to add, if you follow Tara on Instagram, you will LOVE her posts. They’re all so inspiring…

Dear Escapees, please leave a question or comment for Tara.

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Random Gratitude

Writing_Quote_298Random musings and gratitude seem to go together today.

My mind is just not letting me blog. I don’t know why. Every time I think of a topic my Escapees might like I start writing it only to get up and get more coffee, dust the coffee table, organize my desk or put the clothes in the dryer. Ya. Well, normally when I write none of Continue reading “Random Gratitude”

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Is Your April Enchanted?

enchanted aprilIn 1922, author Elizabeth von Armin’s novel Enchanted April was published. Surprising Elizabeth as much as anyone else, it took the book world by storm. Hailed as a “delicious confection” capable of “working its magic on all”. The story is so good that it was made into a film 70 plus years later!

The plot? Four women want to escape their unhappy marriages, at least for a while. They find themselves in Italy… Continue reading “Is Your April Enchanted?”

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