The Divorcee’s Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before ChristmasDecember has melted before my eyes  like an icy snowball in mid-July.  I guess that’s the way it’s going to be though. Time speeds up every year, so why not make the most of each moment (even the ones that aren’t so great).

Tis the Season of memories and not all are good ones…

As we draw closer to Christmas, we may face disappointments and revisit  old ways of thinking. We may re-hash the ghosts of Christmas Past and that’s bound to dredge up unwanted emotions.  Continue reading “The Divorcee’s Night Before Christmas”

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Laugh Until It’s Funny

Laugh Until It's FunnyThis post has been updated from the archives.

Forget about finding love in a hopeless place. That might be okay for the likes of Rhianna. But
what we really need is humor in a hopeless place. So, let’s laugh until it’s funny.

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”-Mark Twain
Continue reading “Laugh Until It’s Funny”

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10 Myths About Canadians

10 Myths About Canadians“Wherever you go in the world, you just have to say you’re Canadian and people laugh—” John Candy

In honor of Canada Day and our 150th birthday, I thought it would be fun to share some myths (and a few truths) about Canadians. This is tongue in cheek of course, and I have not researched this post. I’ve simply dug from my Canadian brain. Continue reading “10 Myths About Canadians”

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Everything Must Go

everything must go
image source; collider film review. Will Ferrel in Everything Must Go

Letting go of our stuff is one of the steps to moving forward but how and when can we do this? That’s the tricky part and there isn’t one perfect answer. Each of us hold different attachments to our things, stuff. We all have various degrees of emotional attachment.  At the outset of divorce we can be a little too hasty in discarding our old life. Until some time passes, we don’t know what these items will mean to us. What memory will they evoke or what part of ourselves will they represent. if any? If you’re not sure right now, then keep them and let some time pass before revisiting their worth. Continue reading “Everything Must Go”

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Life Really Is Like A Box of Chocolates

What do Forrest Gump and Donald Trump have in common? They both made it to the White House, for starters. So, if life is like a box of chocolates in Forrest Gump’s time then what is it now? Perhaps it’s like a bag of chips? Continue reading “Life Really Is Like A Box of Chocolates”

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Random Gratitude

Writing_Quote_298Random musings and gratitude seem to go together today.

My mind is just not letting me blog. I don’t know why. Every time I think of a topic my Escapees might like I start writing it only to get up and get more coffee, dust the coffee table, organize my desk or put the clothes in the dryer. Ya. Well, normally when I write none of Continue reading “Random Gratitude”

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50 Ways Life Is Sweeter After Divorce

Dear Escapees, please give my guest blogger a warm welcome…Vishnu has been through a difficult divorce and writes about his experiences in such a way that no one would give up hope in finding love again and happiness in general. I’m delighted to introduce to you, Vishnu of Vishnu’s Virtues

The Upside of Divorce: 50 Ways Life is Sweeter After One-by Vishnu

“Marriage is like the larvae state to true happiness.” Louis CK

I talk a lot about the heartbreak and hardships that divorce brings into our lives, but could it be that there just might be an upside to divorce?

An upside to divorce? Really? Who would ever say there’s a positive side to divorce?

Well, every divorced person whom you could ever possibly talk to!

That’s why the Louis C.K piece above is such a crack-up. Yes, in fact, there are some positive things to life after divorce. I want to thank the reader who sent this to me and invite you to consider some of the upsides of life’s downside.

Take the following 50 ways with a tinge of humor – some of these may be true for you and some may just make you laugh.

  1. You can live through anything – once you survive divorce, you’ll be ready for triple bypass surgery or being sent off into battlefields in the Middle East.
  2. You get to watch what you want on television every single day. You can watch three shows at once and flip through the channels endlessly.
  3. You don’t have to ask permission to do anything.
  4. You take your next trip by simply booking your ticket – no discussions needed.
  5. You’ll start getting healthier and taking better care of yourself. When married, your personal care and looks don’t matter so much. When you’re single again, you start to care about your physical appearance.
  6. You can eat want you want – there’s no one to count calories for you or remind you of what the doctor said.
  7. You’ll have peace of mind.
  8. You’ll experience joy over simple daily pleasures.
  1. You’ll experience happiness for all the positive things in your life.
  2. The kids, if you have them, and as Louis CK points out in the video, stay with you only half the time. You become a better parent because you have to be a great parent only half the time!
  3. You become friends with your ex and actually start liking each other.
  4. No one is around to criticize you, make fun of you or tell you how inadequate you are.
  5. All the money you earn is your own.
  6. You can live in a smaller house and keep it clean!
  7. You can practice minimalism and live a simpler life. Less stuff, less clothes, less clutter!
  8. There’s no one holding you back from following your dreams.
  9. You can decorate the house as you’d like.
  10. You can decorate the room as you’d like.
  11. There’s no waiting for the bathroom!
  12. You don’t have to put up with your ex’s bad habits.
  13. You don’t have to repeatedly remind someone else to do something – unless you have kids, of course!
  14. You don’t have to spend time with your ex’s family; hey, this might actually start looking pretty good to you if you’re married today!
  15. No more mothers-in-law!
  16. You can start over and you have a second shot to create the kind of life you want.
  17. You can go back to school if you feel like it or start an entirely new career.
  18. You can dress as you’d like – you don’t have to listen to anyone else’s input on the clothes you wear.
  19. There’s no need to pick up shoes and clothes lying all over your room and house.
  20. There’s no one turning your house into a mess and no need to spend all day cleaning it up.
  21. You can be friends and hang out with the people you enjoy spending time with.
  22. You can buy as many shoes as you’d like. Buy as many jackets as you’d like. As many purses as you’d like…
  23. No one’s rushing you when you go shopping (except the kids, of course…).
  24. Cooking for one is much easier than cooking for two – take-out anybody?
  25. Instead of having your ex fix things around the house, you can hire a professional who does the job correctly and for surprisingly less than you expected.
  26. You won’t spend time figuring out how to change your ex!
  27. You’ll have freedom.
  28. You’ll have Independence.
  29. You can have late nights out on weekdays. Happy hours – every day!
  30. You have fewer obligations to attend boring family events you had no interest in going to anyway.
  31. Insight and reflections are opportunities for self-improvement – no one would have taught you more about yourself than your ex.
  32. You experience the excitement of dating and meeting new people. You have the added benefit of knowing who is good for you and who you should stay away from.
  33. If your divorce is done, you’re done with divorce lawyers and divorce court. Hallelujah!
  34. No more couples counseling – which only made you more agitated after the session than you were before it.
  35. Not speaking to your ex again is a gift that keeps on giving.
  36. No more disagreements about politics, religion, social issues or world issues.
  37. No oneis holding you back or keeping you away from the life you desire.
  38. Your kis grow up in happy households without bitter fights between you and your ex.
  39. No moe fighting, screaming or emotional breakdowns because of your ex.
  40. You n longer have to spend hours talking to your friends about all the problems in your marriage.
  41. You don’t have to be someone else – you can fully embrace who you are and show up in the world as your authentic self.
  42. After divorce, you’ll practice more humility, compassion and kindness to others who have gone through serious life shake-ups or divorces themselves. Nothing makes you more empathetic and compassionate than surviving a divorce.

If you’re still married and want to remain so, make it work! Do the work.

If you’re running out of options and divorce seems inevitable, know that it’s not the end of the world.

There are a few silver linings and many benefits of life after divorce

 vishnu's virtuesVishnu writes a popular self-help and divorce blog at He has been writing since college where his famous, family newsletter column has turned into a blog. He shares his 4 year journey of divorce along with his spiritual, emotional and personal insights. He writes about overcoming divorce and specifically, how to overcome the shame and stigma of divorce in the Indian community. His “eat, pray, love” journey (again, post divorce) has taken him to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Burma and India. In his spare time Vishnu reads, writes, meditates and spends times at the beaches in sunny Southern California.
To pick up his latest book (FREE this week on Amazon) about self-love, called the Self-Romance Manifesto visit his Amazon page.U.S. link = The Self Romance Manifesto: 21 Practices to End Self Hate And Invite Love In and in Canada here

Continue reading “50 Ways Life Is Sweeter After Divorce”

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Which TV Mom Are You?

Which tv mom aer you?
Anna Faris and Allison Janney star in Mom

When I was scrolling through my facebook feed a while back I came across this question; Which TV mom are you? I had to laugh. Immediately, I chose Lorelei Gilmore, not because of the young and hot factor. I wish. It’s her attitude and general outlook on life I can relate to. But I have to admit I see a little of myself in many of these beloved characters.

Isn’t that the brilliance of the writers who create these characters? They make our problems seem small or they make us say “Oh, so it isn’t just me…”

Let’s take a look at some of these TV moms and you tell me— which one are you?

You’re Christy from Mom if: You’re struggling to pay the bills, your mother lives with you and she likes to party more than you, you’re divorced, had a brief affair with your boss, you’re in rehab, you’re trying your best to protect your children from your crazy mother and other life disasters. Continue reading “Which TV Mom Are You?”

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