Spring Style Update for a Goddess

spring style update for a goddess
image source; necessaryclothing.com

This is not a style blog but it is a Goddess blog. There are no affiliate links just some fun style talk here.

So, April the first full month of spring season kind of came and went quickly for me. there were highs and lows this month which I suppose sped time up.

Today, as I write, I’m suffering a cold that just hit me out of the blue. I was last down with a nasty cold in January so I shouldn’t be suffering again so quickly. I’m really bummed by it as it has interfered with my usual energy level.

However, spring came in like a lion whether we were ready for it or not. It is probably going to go out the same way and that’s why I’m still wearing sweaters and warm coats for the most part.

Are you ready? Here’s a list of recommended spring items for any Goddess;

  1. Swimwear-bathing suit and cover up. Make sure you still love your suit from last year.
  2. White jeans-these really are a wardrobe staple
  3. check the shorts inventory, still fit? I like to have some for the beach and one for what I call ‘city’ outings (longer and/or dressier).
  4. Tops -one with a pattern, two plain in your favorite spring colors
  5. Shoes situation-do you need new sandals? I’ve found most wear out quickly so I have to get new ones every other year.  I like to have one pair for walking and one for evening out (not for walking any distance but simply to look pretty). How about a new pair of canvas sneakers?
  6. Sundresses-a timeless, summer Goddess wardrobe staple. Update and add as needed.
  7. Sunglasses-are the ones you have in good shape? I like to have two pair, one to grab off the kitchen table for going out for walks and another for the car.
  8. Lightweight cardigan(s)-navy, cream, white and one bright summery color to accent with white t’s and tanks.
  9. Light raincoat. I find these last a long time and I haven’t had to buy one for a few years now but important to have one on hand that you can layer a light sweater under.
  10. Under-things-every goddess requires a nice slip-dress for those sun dresses and/or slips for a basic skirt. Also, while looking at lingerie why not look into nude underthings best worn with the light colors of summer. New lighter p.j.’s are always a welcome addition for the hot summer nights.

Incidentally, I just love this floral jacket for spring…

spring update for a goddess
image source lizmarieblog.com tumblr

A few weeks ago, I began a bit of a shopping spree (in bits and pieces). I never buy a whole lot at once. Instead, I buy things here and there over a few weeks. The shopping began while my son and daughter were here for a visit and has continued until last weekend when I stopped by a favorite local clothing store.

Here’s what I’ve bought to update my Goddess spring wardrobe;

1. a pair of funky Van’s running shoes. which I’ve been wearing lots and loving the comfort.

2. a soft blue, lightweight cardigan from Banana Republic-should go with everything in my wardrobe…it’s been too cold to wear it yet but it will be great for late spring early summer over a camisole or tank top.

3. A bright, floral patterned cotton pullover sweater from Anthropologie (on sale) which I showed off on Instagram last week. This has been perfect for the current weather. It’s still cool enough outside to wear but it shouts Spring with its bright pinks, greens, blues and yellows.

Never mind my sweater, check out my little bar in the background.

4. A vintage silk scarf from Swish Vintage.

5. A long, hooded denim zip up jacket-loving this as it’s perfect for layering and nice to throw on after yoga (as it covers the yoga pants butt). On sale.

6. A light weight black/cream shrug-this will be so versatile and easy to throw over a tank top or tee, for summer evenings. On sale.

Below is a pic I took for you and proof that I am no fashion photographer…

1. long denim jacket (mavi) 2. vintage silk scarf 3. light weight wool cardigan (Banana Republic) 4. black & cream 3/4 sleeve shrug 5. Eddie Bauer white jeans (almost vintage)

7. New, spring/summer pajamas and nightgown including top that says-“I wake up sparkling”-ha! They all interchange and also happen to go well with my two robes I already own. Bonus points.

8. two T-shirts from Mark’s. I love the casual fit so I bought two. Plus, one navy t that has an interesting back opening will be nice for warmer summer days.

9. A lovely Coach handbag that’s summery in color tones (olive, pinks and creams). I purchased that at a second hand store. It’s in pristine shape.

10. And I should include the few things I bought before our trip to Hawaii. A new bikini as well as two cotton tank tops and one white button up blouse (which I bought in size large to wear as a cover up over the bikini).

What seems to be missing are new pants, shorts or sandals. Luckily, I found cute sandals at the end of last summer for half price, that will be brand new this season. Shorts, well I don’t have to buy any new ones this year. I have several and I also cut off jeans that are too short in the leg and voila, denim shorts.

White jeans. Okay, I could probably use a new pair. The last pair I bought, pictured above, I’ve had for five years. I think they’re a little tight in the waist but once they’re on for a bit, they loosen up.

In spite of all my talk of florals this (below) is a timeless, season-less look that could work year round…

spring update for a goddess
image source youngheartsrunfree.com

While I’ve made quite a few new purchases, I will also donate many items to the local thrift store. I like to donate stuff before it’s too worn out. I’m donating some t-shirts, jeans, sandals, clutch purse, probably a jacket or two. I’m thinking about donating a still chic, Lululemon jacket. I just feel the need to pare down the jackets in my closet and although I still wear this a bit, it tends to sit on the hanger more than the others.

So, what else does a Goddess need for spring? Do you donate your clothes and if so, do you have a hard time choosing what to let go?

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30 Replies to “Spring Style Update for a Goddess”

  1. That sweater is my everything Lisa!! I love it!!
    I cannot do white jeans. I just can’t. I’m a magnet for all things dirt and I swear that I’ll be wearing a stain the moment I slip them on. Also, I’ll be forever checking my ass out making sure that A. Can you see my underwear through these and B. Did I start my period. Because my uterus has a mind of it’s own.
    I have not bought myself PJ’s in such a long time and I really want to. Like I really do.
    That coach handbag sounds amazing. I really love the colours you describe!
    And yes, I do donate all of my clothes when I start pulling them out — whenever this blasted weather can make up its mind if it wants to be winter or spring 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kim! It really cheers me up 😀 My daughter has forever hated me wearing white jeans. Haha. I don’t wear them often though because as you said, dirt and other problems. Maybe they aren’t as fashionable as I think? Perhaps white jeans are an 80’s throwback? I need my Escapees to enlighten me. The Coach purse was a steal and goes with everything and very ladylike (at least I feel that way while wearing it). Yes, spring is cold here on the west coast while you guys have had an early one.

  2. I love fashion but I suck at it. My closet gives me anxiety. I want to dress better but have not a clue where to start. I do not have an eye for what looks good on me. I just throw leggings and boots on. I need help.

    1. Hi Kim, aw, your closet shouldn’t do that to you 😛 If that’s the case, maybe going through it and editing out pieces you don’t wear or haven’t worn in over a year. Paring down can help you make better decisions on what to wear and when. I love leggings with longer, flowy tops for summer and they’re cute with flip flops. You could check out Pinterest for style ideas. Sometimes though, we see images that we like but end up not liking the look on our own body. Experiment at a store like the Gap where the prices are reasonable and the styles on trend. You can try different looks without investing in a ton of money. If you end up not liking certain things, you can donate them and not feel you’ve wasted money. That’s the only way to know is to try and experiment. Have fun with it…try everything on.

    1. Thanks, Bren 🙂 Sundresses are so nice in summer! It’s nice to have a collection of brights and some pastels. Sounds like you’re ready, gf!

  3. Oh white jeans! I had a pair I loved but then they got too small, whomp whomp. I should really look for another pair. Great list!

  4. You are so cute! I haven’t really given any thought to a bikini for a few decades now. Actually I was insecure in the thing when I was in my 20s. I like white jeans but I always make sure the top is log enough. Some of those things labeled swimsuit coverups make great tops. We don’t have much need for all those cute jackets or sweaters down here in Alabama, more’s the pity, because they can hide a multitude of sins. I agree that a (large) good handbag is a must. I would add a good hat or three with a big brim. I am a great believer in protecting the skin. Now you have to model all your new purchases for us!

    1. thank you, Ellen. I take terrible selfies. I have no clue how to best do it. That’s why you won’t see me modeling anything haha. Great suggestion about swimsuite cover ups as tops. Yes, to the hats. I bought one last summer that has been great for the beach. I took it to Maui and it doesn’t even mind getting crushed in carry on. Nice to see you, Ellen!

  5. What a stylish post! I love your bright, floral patterned cotton pullover sweater…in fact I love bright colors, which are looked down upon here, I guess coz I rarely see them. In winter we always wore the brightest colors but since I came here, I have tamed my wardrobe 🙂 I too love white jeans and trousers. Happy summer dear Lisa. Hugs.
    Balroop Singh recently posted…Timeless Poetry That Inspires Me…#NationalPoetryMonthMy Profile

    1. Thank you, Balroop 🙂 Wear what you love!Bright colors look amazing on you, I’ve no doubt. Hugs back at ya!

  6. I’m with Kim… I love fashion SO MUCH but I totally suck it myself. LOL, I really do want to get better and sometimes I try on these awesomely funky things but then I think a) Do I look like an asshat, if no, then b) Would I actually wear this in public? This is probably why I tend to wear the same sundresses and boyfriend jeans. Le sigh.

    I am IN LOVE with that Anthropologie sweater you picked up for yourself! It’s adorable on you!! And the colors are perfect for spring. I love love the last look, too–those black booties are everything.

    Also I really wish I could rock white pants, but my goodness, I’m just a disaster, lol.
    Charlotte recently posted…Win a Smart Mattress with the Eight Sleep SleepStakes!My Profile

    1. I can totally relate to those feelings, charlotte—LOL. I find stuff I love but then when I try it on I think—NO. I revert to my jeans more often than not. Bottom line, is what do you feel confident in? That’s how I look at it. I think with fashion blogs all over and maybe too much exposure it can be confusing. Thank you on the sweater compliment. It’s one of those I may have passed on because it was so bright, but it ended up being a good choice for me. It’s so ‘happy’ when skies are grey. Take that last look and swap white jeans for the black ones. Similar look just adapted for summer.

    1. Have you tried long, just above the knee shorts? They can be cute with runners and sandals especially cut off style. I hear ya on the cellulite. We all have some insecurity and summer clothes seem to be the hardest because everything is so revealing. Sundresses are a great option for staying cool without having to wear shorts.

  7. The jacket does rock! I might love your sweater even more?! True Goddess fashion.
    White jeans. I haven’t worn them since middle school but I do love them. I love white everything. It’s just with my career (kneeling for a lot of photo shoots) and my kids and 13 pets (only two are indoor), I don’t know if I could do them justice? I want to try!
    Tamara recently posted…5 Ways to Support Fetal Brain DevelopmentMy Profile

    1. Isn’t the jacket so cute? I’m not sure what brand it is. The sweater cheers me right up. One thing about the white jeans, you can throw a little bleach in the wash. Still, they might be too high maintenance for your lifestyle. Just picturing all the happenings at your house on a daily basis, plus your garden 😀

  8. Hi Lisa,

    Hope you are feeling better now and the cold is gone 🙂

    I can understand how the change of weather can get to the best of us. Good to know that Spring is in the air, as we are into the mid of heat our end, so lot’s to shed off than wear now!

    I loved the floral jacket – something close to what I have also, as I am so in love with such prints and flowers.

    Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the weather your end! Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Troubleshooting WordPress Errors: A Step by Step Guide for BeginnersMy Profile

    1. Hi Harleena, this damn cold is hanging on…ugh. You’re in the heat of it already, hope you have your cool girl clothes all lined up, haha. Have a nice week Harleena!

    1. Hi Jeri, haha I’m laughing a little not at you, WITH you because I also love my jeans and sneakers. Still have my converse. I adore dresses too, though I don’t wear them often.

    1. Yes, good call Kim. A crisp white shirt is always in style. My only hesitation with those is the ironing factor—lol.

  9. This was SO MUCH FUN to read Lisa! I am loving your ideas and you have inspired me to clean out my closet and donate STAT. It’s such a great way to give, and I never thought of giving when our clothes are still fairly new- Of course I don’t donate worn out beyond belief stuff- but for some reason reading that just inspired me to donate more of those ‘new things I never wear’…

    1. Thanks, Chris! Indeed we usually have more than we actually wear, so why not purge more often. I hear ya on the donating clothes. I used to feel I had to keep items a certain length of time before giving them away because of the cost. I’ve come to realize though, that sometimes we buy things that don’t end up suiting our lifestyle but it’s all part of experimenting. so, why not just accept that we’re not wearing them and give them to someone who will use or need them? It was a shift in thinking for me, too. Good luck with your closet re-do and update. Have fun!

  10. I love your post Lisa! Fun and stylish!
    And you do look great in that flower sweater. Like you, I don’t buy in one go. I started looking at outfits for the summer this week. The weather has not been great these past weeks so I was not ready to get anything. It’s important to feel well in the things we are wearing.
    Sending you love from Paris.
    marie kléber recently posted…Last day of summerMy Profile

    1. Aw, thank you, Marie!I like to get things here and there without having to make a bunch of choices in one day 🙂 Hope Paris warms up for you to enjoy some new spring fashions!

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