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“Just get up, put your lipstick on and get out there.”  This was the advice given to a friend of mine by her grandmother when she was going through her divorce.

put your lipstick on
source; Pinterest

So many pretty colors to choose from…


Grandma gave this advice for different situations, not just during divorce.  She gave herself this advice when her husband passed away.  The devastating loss had her feeling hopeless until she told herself  “Get off your ass, and put your lipstick on…” In other words,  get up and ‘Just Do It’.  Did Nike steal this grandmother’s mantra (minus the lipstick)?  It seems Liz Taylor would agree.  The drink is optional, of course…

put your lipstick on
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It sounds like trite advice when you can’t get out of bed…but sometimes the simplest mantra can get us going and get us thinking in a new way.  My friend said she thought twice about feeling sorry for herself when her grandmother’s words went through her mind.  She did go and get a new lipstick right away so she had a fresh color to perk her up.  Drew Barrymore in the perfect red…

put your lipstick on
source; Pinterest

Or Cameron Diaz pretty in Pink?

put your lipstick on
source pinterest

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or feeling down get up, get in the shower, put your lipstick on and get going…

After you put the lipstick on, is there one small thing you can do today to make tomorrow better?  What is the one thing you can accomplish today that will get you a little closer to your goal or a little closer to concluding your divorce? Because….

put your lipstick on
source pinterest

With one step at a time it will come to an end, I promise. there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So, will it be a bold red like Drew’s or a bright pink like Cameron’s? Maybe soft pink, peachy or deep mauve…  just do it…put that lipstick on and get out there! What is your mantra?

Leave a comment, I LOVE ’em!

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11 Replies to “Put Your Lipstick On”

  1. Love! Such great advice from a grandma, hey? Beautifully written, Lisa – you have a real talent!

    1. Thanks Ali! This post inpired by our girls’ discussions and Cathy’s Grandma 🙂 wearing pink lipstick today!

  2. The equivalent to pulling up your big girl panties, eh? I like looking at lipstick, but wearing it always ends up badly for me, even when I line my lips first. It schmears all around like clown makeup, so mostly, I don’t go there.

    Love the sentiment, though.

    1. Oh, Beverly you made me chuckle with your description of wearing lipstick. I tend to wear very light and natural colors unless I’m attending something formal then I like something more dramatic (I may resemble a clown as well). I love that picture of Drew Barrymore though. She can rock the red!

    1. Yes, love Tina Fey 🙂 You’re too good, Jodi! I love to swear but putting my lipstick on is more ladylike (darlink). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ooooo-eeee, do I need that lipsticked kick in the ass today! It’s been a looonnnng week living in the same house with a man who stares at you, willing you to believe he’s changed after one whole counselling session…following my 5+ years of counselling to figure out what was ‘wrong’ with me! Finally I’m listening to other people who tell me I’m great, happy, funny, and damned near perfect! Time for a perfect shade of red!

    1. Yes, you could use that lovely red that Drew Barrymore wears. You’re in a tough position right now. Your man is losing a beautiful woman…i’m happy to hear you are believing in yourself! You deserve happiness. Hang in there…it will get better!

  4. I am not in the middle of a divorce, but I have suffered from depression in the past, and I absolutely love the phrase: “Just get up, put your lipstick on!” It’s not as harsh as what others might say to someone going through a hard time, but it is effective. It is also empowering as a woman to say “put your lipstick on” as a way to get out there and just do whatever you have to do. I have red lipstick from AVON in my desk drawer, and I’m pulling it out right now to put some on!

    Loved the post!

    1. Hi Chrys, A red lipstick in your desk drawer sounds perfect! I’m glad this little post cheered you. I hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂 i’m wearing pink right now!

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