Catch Up Over Coffee #2

#chattyblogs at lisathomsonliveAfter being away from the blog for three weeks, I thought a catch up over coffee would be in order.

Grab your favorite mug. Mine’s full of Kona coffee (lies). I don’t actually care for Kona coffee…

So, back to reality here. We had a wonderful trip to Hawaii which I’m going to share some photos with you. Unfortunately, we came back to some serious winter weather. I feel like I’m back on the Prairies! I was away for over two weeks and missed you all dearly. I know, you didn’t miss me because it’s the law of vacations. When you’re away, time slows down and while you’re home, time is the same and thus passes quickly. You didn’t have time to miss me… Continue reading “Catch Up Over Coffee #2”

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4 am in La La Land

4 am in La La Land
A dreamy image by artist Kathe Soave

At 4 am we pretty much think of everything and anything. What’s right with the world and what’s wrong. What we love and what we hate. Good and bad.  A time where dreams and reality sometimes collide.

That’s what life is, a collision. Shifting time passages, repetition, dreams and reality mixed in a blender of life.

Go see La La Land. It will put an exclamation point on it.

My Own Personal La La Land

Oh, and it really is 4 am as I write this.

I awoke from a dream. I was washing a dirty pan and although it was coming out clean, I kept scrubbing. Then I fell asleep on the couch (not my couch), in front of the television in a room with a large glass door (not my television or room) that appeared to be open and the gauzy curtain lifted with the in coming breeze. Continue reading “4 am in La La Land”

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Book Review & Giveaway-Collateral Damage, Guiding and Protecting Your Child…

book review and giveaway; collateral damage Well, as promised, I have finished reading and I’m ready to share with you my review of Dr. John T. Chirban’s Collateral Damage; Guiding and Protecting You Child Through the Minefield of Divorce. (And I thought the title of my book was long).  I was given two advance copies for an honest review and giveaway here at the blog. The book is slated for publication this month. That means, the books I have for the giveaway are pre-published editions and as such have no page numbers and the Foreward is not included.  Continue reading “Book Review & Giveaway-Collateral Damage, Guiding and Protecting Your Child…”

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A Year to Build a Dream On

a year to build a dream onLast year I rounded up a ‘look back’ at The Great Escape blog. It was interesting to see a year in the life of this little blog, so I’m doing the same here with a slight twist. We’ll end on my (and your) hopes for 2017. My theme for the year is building a dream…a year to build a dream on…because why not? Continue reading “A Year to Build a Dream On”

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10 Tips to Improve Your Post Divorce Christmas


10 Tips to improve your post divorce Christmas
10 Tips to improve your Christmas post divorce, is something I think will help anyone coping with co-parenting issues over the holidays. One of the most difficult times of the year for divorced and broken families is undoubtedly the Christmas Season.  Especially the first couple of years when it is a time for re-building and transitioning the new family unit.  What makes this even harder is having  to let go of old traditions.  Also, Christmas memories from before the divorce are still raw.  Due to these changes in family dynamics, the holidays become a challenge and a tug of war between households.  Neither Mom nor Dad want to be alone during this time and the children inevitably get caught in the middle.
Continue reading “10 Tips to Improve Your Post Divorce Christmas”

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5 Tips To Cure Insomnia

5 tips to cure insomnia
image source; unsplash

Insomnia is a common problem during divorce. Any time of stress actually, can cause a bad case of insomnia. There’s nothing worse than losing sleep, especially when it’s over things we can’t control. In hopes to alleviate the problem for anyone experiencing insomnia now, I’ve put together five quick tips to help plus a bonus tip. Some are tried and true (no caffeine in the evening) and some are my own remedies (keeping a notebook on my nightstand). Continue reading “5 Tips To Cure Insomnia”

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Everything Must Go

everything must go
image source; collider film review. Will Ferrel in Everything Must Go

Letting go of our stuff is one of the steps to moving forward but how and when can we do this? That’s the tricky part and there isn’t one perfect answer. Each of us hold different attachments to our things, stuff. We all have various degrees of emotional attachment.  At the outset of divorce we can be a little too hasty in discarding our old life. Until some time passes, we don’t know what these items will mean to us. What memory will they evoke or what part of ourselves will they represent. if any? If you’re not sure right now, then keep them and let some time pass before revisiting their worth. Continue reading “Everything Must Go”

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Catch Up Over Coffee

#chattyblogs at lisathomsonliveHello Escapees, want to catch up over coffee? That’s one of my favorite things to do with friends. Even though we can’t do it literally, we can do it virtually here at the blog. Thanks to Shantala over at Shanayatales, for starting this Catch Up Over Coffee theme.  It’s just an informal chat designed to put a more personal slant on the blog.

I think after all that’s been going on it’s nice to take a deep breath and just talk. Shoot the breeze. So, grab your cup a joe. (Ironically, I wrote a similar post almost exactly a year ago Hello! Come On In, I’ll Put Coffee On I guess Shantala and I think alike). Continue reading “Catch Up Over Coffee”

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10 Ways To Find Grace In Spite Of Adversity

Finding Grace During Adversity
image source unsplash by Kevin Lee

I used to equate grace with ballerinas. Their long legs and perfectly held arms and delicate buns atop their perfect shaped heads, said ‘graceful’. I thought of myself as the polar opposite of the ballet dancer. I had no grace.

I was often called ‘clumsy’ as a child. I still lose my grip sometimes, spilling milk, not to cry over or maybe it’s spilled wine to cry over. Regardless, things get spilled and people cry. Continue reading “10 Ways To Find Grace In Spite Of Adversity”

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