The Woman Wearing the Scarlett Letter

the woman wearing the scarlett letter
Demi Moore in The Scarlett Letter

I’ve never felt so ostracized as I did post divorce.  I was the woman wearing the Scarlett Letter, it seemed.  It turns out you don’t need to be an adulterer to be shunned, especially if you are the one to end the marriage.   Can you return without the social stigma?  Is it true you can never go back?  Can you walk the same streets and feel like the same person?  If you have relocated after a difficult divorce, you may return one day and ask yourself these very questions.  I pondered these questions upon my return to a city my children still call home. Continue reading “The Woman Wearing the Scarlett Letter”

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Motherhood Defined

motherhood defined
My favorite picture of my kids

Starting with the blue stick through to sticky glue, sticky fingers and sticky situations; motherhood has it all.  When we decide to have babies we think of it as a destination, a place we’ve come to or a decision we’ve made.   But motherhood defined, is a JOURNEY.   A beginning, middle and an end that hopefully never comes until it’s our turn to leave this world.

Continue reading “Motherhood Defined”

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Finding Your Inner Sex Goddess

Your Inner Sex Goddess
Marilyn Monroe


Hello, where have you been?  That’s what you’ll be asking when you find her.  I can’t think of a better time then post divorce, to get in touch with your inner sex goddess.  She’s dying to get out!  Finding her will  be exciting, fun and rewarding.  Continue reading “Finding Your Inner Sex Goddess”

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The Wine Diaries-Choose Love over Logic

wine diariesWelcome to the wine diaries, a more personal blog that you will find randomly intermixed with my regular blog topics.  Each diary entry will be paired with appropriate wines.  For the third in this ongoing series, I ruminate on my failure to choose love over logic and the consequences and lessons that ensued.  What would you do?


I have a girl in my life but I’m not referring to my daughter.  She’s actually my great niece.  But her story is interesting.  It’s one worth sharing.  She doesn’t even know it but she taught me a lesson many years ago.  She showed me what certain people’s priorities were.  She showed me the emptiness of my marriage.  Sarah taught me the meaning of regret because I didn’t choose love over logic. Continue reading “The Wine Diaries-Choose Love over Logic”

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50 Ways to Leave Your Husband

50 ways to leave your husband We can thank Paul Simon for the clever suggestions in “50 Ways To Leave Your lover Husband”.  Paul was one of the best singer, songwriters of his generation.  I remember this song as a child and thinking there was something very unusual about the tune and the lyrics.  It was both catchy and dangerous at the same time.  Continue reading “50 Ways to Leave Your Husband”

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Silence Is NOT Golden – divorce abuse

Abuse during divorce is more common than we realize.  When we take the step to end our marriage, we extricate ourselves from the marital turmoil only to find ourselves the target of even more abusive behaviors.  The ex can become aggressive, verbally abusive, threatening, and sometimes paranoid.  The truth is the bigger their ego, the more intensely they react to the end of the marriage or relationship.  Continue reading “Silence Is NOT Golden – divorce abuse”

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The Wine Diaries-Lost and Found Friends

wine diariesWelcome to the wine diaries, a more personal blog that you will find randomly intermixed with my regular blog topics.  Each diary entry will be paired with appropriate wines.  For the second in this ongoing series, I ruminate on the bonds of our childhood friends.  How do we maintain and/or rekindle them?  How does divorce change our outlook on our past?



Shortly after my separation from my husband I was holidaying with my children as I did every year at our family’s summer cabin close to my hometown.  Upon the visit of a close friend of mine, some bad news was received.  The kind of news that changes the way you see yourself and your place in the world. Continue reading “The Wine Diaries-Lost and Found Friends”

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