The Wine Diaries-Fire!

I am currently displaced from my home.  Although it’s not a great feeling to have no access to your belongings, we are safe.  In the wee hours of Friday the 13th (not that I’m superstitious), my boyfriend came to bed at 2 am.  He is a night owl but this is late even for him. But it would turn out that it was lucky for us he was wide awake.  Only moments later, he got back up because not only had he heard some strange noises coming from the hallway but was sure he Continue reading “The Wine Diaries-Fire!”

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Summer Retreat

a summer retreat
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Recently, I had the good fortune to spend a few days at our family’s summer place.  I often retreat there, even in winter time but there is something really special about the summer.  I’m not sure if it’s the small town, ‘back in time’ feel or simply being surrounded by the ocean that does it.  But once you are there for a few hours you start to feel the relaxation kick in.  The worries and tension, all too common during divorce seem to melt away.  Continue reading “Summer Retreat”

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Did You Take Your Happy Pill?

Did you remember to take your happy pill today?  Last week?  Last month, last year?  OOps.  It’s hard to feel happy in the middle of an emotionally and financially taxing divorce.  Forgiveness, love, joy and fun are often substituted with grudge, hate, worry and anger.  So how do we deal with these negative emotions? Since we can’t take a happy pill and get over it, we have to look to other methods to adapt.  How about embracing it?  Owning it?  Get mad.  Deal, then heal.  No happy Continue reading “Did You Take Your Happy Pill?”

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Fathers are From Mars, Daughters are From Venus

fathers are from mars, daughters are from venus
Ryan O’Neal with daughter Tatum circa 1975

Recently, dining out in a casual restaurant I observed a father and daughter sitting at the next table.  There was quiet conversation over a beer while they waited for their meal.  Shortly after the extra large pizza arrived, the daughter got up from the table with a shake of the head as though the pizza was making her suddenly ill.  The father in a flash was left sitting alone seemingly bewildered.  He explained to the kind waitress the pizza would now be ‘to go’.  As she carefully took the pizza from the table I discretely Continue reading “Fathers are From Mars, Daughters are From Venus”

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What the F am I Gonna Do Now?

what the F am I gonna do now?When we find out we’re expecting we are overwhelmed and delighted by the prospect of entering a new phase in our life; motherhood.  We want to do what’s best for our babies.  Thus begins the long path of putting our children’s needs before our own.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is a bad thing however, as we learn years later, the decision we thought was the best at one point, ends up hurting us.  Continue reading “What the F am I Gonna Do Now?”

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The Woman Wearing the Scarlett Letter

the woman wearing the scarlett letter
Demi Moore in The Scarlett Letter

I’ve never felt so ostracized as I did post divorce.  I was the woman wearing the Scarlett Letter, it seemed.  It turns out you don’t need to be an adulterer to be shunned, especially if you are the one to end the marriage.   Can you return without the social stigma?  Is it true you can never go back?  Can you walk the same streets and feel like the same person?  If you have relocated after a difficult divorce, you may return one day and ask yourself these very questions.  I pondered these questions upon my return to a city my children still call home. Continue reading “The Woman Wearing the Scarlett Letter”

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