Spring Style Update for a Goddess

spring style update for a goddess
image source; necessaryclothing.com

This is not a style blog but it is a Goddess blog. There are no affiliate links just some fun style talk here.

So, April the first full month of spring season kind of came and went quickly for me. there were highs and lows this month which I suppose sped time up. Continue reading “Spring Style Update for a Goddess”

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Art Journaling Therapy

Art journaling is a ‘thing’. Have you tried it yet? I first heard about it a few years ago and was intrigued. There are many ways to do it but pretty much only one reason; therapy. Specifically to mentally unwind, go wild, let go and unlock your creative juices and your emotions. Continue reading “Art Journaling Therapy”

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How to Tell Your Best Friends You’re Getting Divorced

How To Tell Your Best Friends You're Getting Divorced
THIS IS US —  Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) & Rebecca (Mandy Moore) centre with best friends Miguel & Shelly (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

I watched the whole season of the new show This Is Us…I was hooked after episode two. And it takes a lot to get me hooked these days.

One scene struck a chord with me. Jack and Rebecca are getting ready to meet their best friends for a dinner (a standing date) and Rebecca wasn’t feeling festive and wanted to stay home. Jack told her that they had to go because Miguel and Shelly had something they wanted to talk to them about. So, in the middle of their appetizer, when everyone had a drink in hand, Miguel made an announcement. “We’re getting divorced.” Continue reading “How to Tell Your Best Friends You’re Getting Divorced”

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Making a New Home for You & Your Children After Divorce

Making a new home for you and your children after divorce
image source Dreamstime

One of the biggest changes during divorce is losing the marital home, which I have written about before here.

It’s a loss that isn’t easy to swallow for many couples who have taken pride in their home. Dare I say, they’ve considered their home something of a status symbol or a page out of a decorating magazine? That will all change. You’ll see though that what really matters isn’t the shell of a home but who and what is inside it. Continue reading “Making a New Home for You & Your Children After Divorce”

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Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings
Alana, me and Luke

They say if you raise your children right, you set their roots so they can later grow wings…or something to that effect. I’m thinking upon my son’s one year departure to Australia, that the wings may have grown too large, uplifting those roots. I guess that’s the idea though and no one is to blame Continue reading “Roots and Wings”

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My Interview at Vishnu’s Virtues

Happy Sunday, Escapees. Today I’m over at Vishnu’s blog answering some burning divorce questions. I think you will find this an interesting interview and one worth sharing with loved ones who may be thinking about divorce right now. Here’s a snippet;

What led you to leave your marriage?

Well, I guess you won’t be surprised when I say it was multiple things rather than one event. It was many small and big things over many years that ultimately led to the demise of my marriage. I finally accepted my unhappiness at the core of my being and gave myself permission to accept that life wasn’t turning out the way I expected. I faced the fact that it had to change. I realized too that ending a marriage, knowing what we need in our life to live authentically, is a very personal matter. Continue reading “My Interview at Vishnu’s Virtues”

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14 Best Novels With Divorced Heroines

14 books with a divorced heroineReading is one of my favorite hobbies as you likely have guessed. It follows suit to recommend novels with divorced heroes/heroines. We can always gain comfort from someone else’s divorce story fictional or fact. Similar to my television series and divorce movie countdown, here are the 14 books… Continue reading “14 Best Novels With Divorced Heroines”

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Do’s and Don’t’s for Self Representing in Court

Do's & Don't's of self representing
image source from unsplash by Didier Weemaels

Ideally, we would hire the best lawyer in town to handle our divorce proceedings. That’s not reality, however. The fact of the matter is very few of us can afford a top lawyer, and even many more can barely afford a bottom of the heap lawyer (not that we would recognize that until we’re half way through).

The sad truth about our divorce law is, it isn’t keeping up with the digital age and does nothing to rectify an economic divide when it comes to legal services.

“I have been a divorce lawyer for 20 years and the last time Canada’s Divorce Act was changed was in 1986, pre-dating the internet. In other words, Family Law in Canada operates as if the internet didn’t happen.”-Andrew Feldstein

That may be slowly changing though I’ll expand on that in a moment.

The question becomes should we spend our children’s education fund or our very last penny in our savings account on a lawyer? What choice do we have and how can we mitigate our financial losses during divorce. Continue reading “Do’s and Don’t’s for Self Representing in Court”

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A Divorce Companion


A Divorce Companion My new book available now: A Divorce Companion. This is the perfect accompaniment to my original book, The Great Escape; A Girl’s Guide to Leaving a Marriage which covers all your needs if you’re an economically dependent spouse initiating a divorce.

A Divorce Companion is complementary in that it tackles many topics in even greater detail. It is the result of five years of Continue reading “A Divorce Companion”

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