Book Review-Allow Yourself To Be a Better Person

book review-allow yourself to be a better personI’ve recently finished reading the non-fiction, self help book,  Allow Yourself To Be a Better Person by Balroop Singh. I felt compelled to share my review with all of my Escapees. Why? Because not only did I love this book but I’m sure you will also find value in Balroop’s wisdom. Continue reading “Book Review-Allow Yourself To Be a Better Person”

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Losing Your Religion During Divorce

Losing Your Religion During Divorce
image source; by Josh Applegate

Religion is a powerful force that aims to project a system of beliefs, to instill faith and community. Often, in any religion you will find traditions and events to mark a ‘coming of age’ or a celebration of accomplishment in that faith. Similarly, wedding ceremonies are conducted in our faith of choice and become one of those celebrations.
Continue reading “Losing Your Religion During Divorce”

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10 Myths About Canadians

10 Myths About Canadians“Wherever you go in the world, you just have to say you’re Canadian and people laugh—” John Candy

In honor of Canada Day and our 150th birthday, I thought it would be fun to share some myths (and a few truths) about Canadians. This is tongue in cheek of course, and I have not researched this post. I’ve simply dug from my Canadian brain. Continue reading “10 Myths About Canadians”

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Eternal Sunshine of the Narcissist’s Mind

eternal sunshine
image by artist Peter Strain

In the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the main character decides to have his memories of his ex erased. These included ALL memories, good and bad. Did he once love her? Absolutely. When she broke it off with him though, the pain was too great to bear and he decides to erase her altogether.  (That was after he found out she had done it first)

The narc has some of that ability without the freaky procedure we saw administered in the film. Just to be clear, this film is not about narcissism. It’s a quirky, bizarre love story. It’s the spotless mind reference that has a likeness to what little can be understood of the narcissist’s brain function. Continue reading “Eternal Sunshine of the Narcissist’s Mind”

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Getting Inked to Celebrate Your Divorce?

Getting Inked to Celebrate Your Divorce?This post has been updated from the archives.  

Are you inked?  If not, are you thinking about getting a tattoo?  Are these thoughts connected to an event in your life such as divorce, marriage, death, love?

It’s human nature to want to mark an event with a celebration or a ceremony and sometimes with INK. Continue reading “Getting Inked to Celebrate Your Divorce?”

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Ex Encounters-Coping With Graduation, Weddings, Recital Season

what does your gravatar say about you?
image by Erin Smith

Oh my, it’s graduation, wedding, and recital season around the corner. This means ex encounters (of the third kind) of many kinds. Perhaps you’re on good terms with your ex, or maybe many years have passed so you have this down…if so skip down to the comments and tell us how you do it. On the other hand,  if you’re not,  you’ll need to be ready for this possible barrage of social ex encounters.  Continue reading “Ex Encounters-Coping With Graduation, Weddings, Recital Season”

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Spring Style Update for a Goddess

spring style update for a goddess
image source;

This is not a style blog but it is a Goddess blog. There are no affiliate links just some fun style talk here.

So, April the first full month of spring season kind of came and went quickly for me. there were highs and lows this month which I suppose sped time up. Continue reading “Spring Style Update for a Goddess”

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