Mr. Nasty the Cold Virus

I’ve been hit by Mr. Nasty the super cold virus.  He’s stolen over half of my October. I’ve never had a worse cold. EVER.  For the last almost 3 weeks it has run the gamut from stuffed up, sore scratchy throat, to serious almost strep throat (5 days), to sinusitis, chest cough.  All the while LETHARGY…yet terrible sleep because it’s hard to sleep when you’re all stuffed up and have a temperature.

The thing about getting sick is it always happens when we least expect it.  During stressful times, it’ll knock us off our feet.  That’s why if you’ve recently begun your divorce don’t be surprised if Mr. Nasty Cold virus gets you….

I hardly ever get sick so it takes quite a bit to make me realize I actually am. I should clarify that. When my kids were little I was sick all the time.  Every other month, I caught a cold.  In the last nine years I’ve maybe been sick twice. So, looks like God saved up all the worst stuff and gave it to me all at once.

When my head gets fuzzy and it’s hard to string together coherent thoughts then I know, it’s time for bed.   My boyfriend has had to do this a few times…

source Tumblr swareksammy
source Tumblr swareksammy “Hey, you’re sick you have to get some rest” Joe Fox to Kathleen Kelly

And then I do this when he goes out…

you've got mail pj gif
Kathleen Kelly “You’ve Got Mail”

I almost forgot the migraine headache, too. I saw the aura—not the aurora borealis (that would have been nice) but the bubbles blocking my vision when I was trying to read and then cartoon blast like flashes.  Basically, it is temporary vision impairment and if any of you have had a migraine you know exactly what I mean. It’s like the warning flashes saying “This is not a test. Close your eyes now before your head explodes. I repeat, this is NOT a test.”

I keep telling Mr. Nasty to FO, go away but he’s not satisfied quite yet with all that he’s done. He’s had me by the throat, the head, the chest and now my left ear. Then he took my taste buds. The bastard!

Why am I telling you all this? Because I’ve had to interrupt my regular blog posting not only to whine and complain but to tell you don’t get caught out during cold/flu season without these things handy (especially for the little ones);

Advil cold and sinus

Advil (for headaches) or Aspirin

Tylenol (for fever)

Buckley’s capsules for sinus & cold

Large Kleenex boxes (super large)

throat lozenges (Strepsils were effective)

Chicken soup

orange juice

neti pot (I don’t have one but was kicking myself last night thinking I should have one)

Nice flannel PJ’s so you can still look somewhat cute while entertaining Mr. Nasty  (I’ve added that to my list)

Green tea

Pam’s Husband’s Mom—where the Hell is she when you need her?

knitted wool booties, knitted by your mother in law

Net flix OR a great collection of DVD’s

Don’t forget your new toothbrush for when you’re better

Thank you for indulging me in my whining and NO, this is not a sponsored post. Next week I will be back to regular programming. I would post a call to action but I’m too tired. Do what you want—you’re going to anyway but leave a comment before you go, kay?

Do you have any suggestions or home remedies for cold/flu season?

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Oh, and I wrote a short piece on beauty and aging. Stop on over and check it out IF Growing Older Is a Privilege

Kay, I’m going back to bed.


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30 Replies to “Mr. Nasty the Cold Virus”

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been sick! Green tea with lemon and honey is always good. I hope you feel better soon, in time to have fun on Halloween. 🙂

    Oh, and I adore the movie “You’ve Got Mail!”

  2. Since someone died from a brain infection after using a Neti Pot, I’ve stayed away. I think you’re fine as long as you thoroughly clean it after each use, though. I live on Mucinex-D when I’m sick…and NyQuil to knock me out at night!!! I hate, hate, hate being sick.

    1. OMG, I hadn’t heard of that Stephanie. Glad you mentioned it. Nyquil works when Pam’s Husband’s mother is unavailable so it must be good!

  3. Sudafed! I love that stuff but I take a low dose.
    And I’m so sorry. I’m like you – rarely sick but when I am, it’s a doozy. It’s so hard to shake respiratory things. As a kid, a cold would last a week but only be bad for 2-3 days. Last year I had a cold for 12 days. Before that, two weeks of cold/sinus infections. The worst!!

    1. I’ve never tried Sudafed but should. Thanks Tamara. Ya, I’ve never had a cold last this long! Mr. Nasty needs to go away now. 😛

    1. Bren, that sounds wonderful. I will try that tonight. I have been so sick wine doesn’t even taste good 🙁 Feeling better today though!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I love the way you could vividly describe the scenario, which made me smile all the way!!

    Mr. Nasty seems to be your old admirer and so he must be having a gala time! I would suggest that you humor him with a lot of hot liquids like soups, coffee with lots of milk or 2 spoons of honey in hot milk. Chocolates also help but with hot milk. Keep yourself warm and enjoy your rest!

    Get well soon, have the courage to push Mr. Nasty out of the back door but before that extract a promise…Never visit!
    Stay blessed!

    1. Thanks, Balroop! I will kick his butt out the back door with that promise 🙂 Chocolate and hot milk sound like a nice remedy.

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear you are sick, and this rainy weather does not help at all! Feel better soon, and hopefully now that you’ve had this cold for October you will not get one for the rest of the season.

    Your webpage is looking great, and I have enjoyed reading the blog posts. Get healthy and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you for your lovely comment. It’s nice to hear from you. I should have suffered enough in the last month to last me a few years, LOL. Hope you’re well and healthy!

    1. Thanks, Jodi! Slowly getting better for real this time. I kept thinking it was going away then he would kick me in the butt again. Happy Halloween!

  6. Awww….that’s terrible Lisa. Bae’s had something kicking around since August. His little nose was bubbling almost two months. We did Vicks vaporub. It’s amazing.

    1. Thanks Liv, I’ll have to buy some Vick’s. I’ve heard really good things. I can’t believe I didn’t use it on my kids when they were little. I was missing out!

  7. Oh no, Lisa. I’m so sorry to hear about Mr. Nasty Cold taking over your poor body. It can be quite unbearable to be sick like that so I really hope you get better soon.
    Have you tried taking wheat grass shots? I usually get sick twice a year because I work with kids who go to several different schools. Last year, I started taking wheat grass shots every week and I am not kidding you, I didn’t get sick once! Not even a sniffle. Maybe you should try some to boost your immune system in fighting Mr. Nasty Cold off for good!
    Also, try Emergen C packets from CVS. My favorite is the pink lemonade. Whenever me and the boyfriend do actually feel a tickle in our throats, we take a packet in the morning and once again at night. We are usually in the clear the next day. Another great immune system booster!

    1. Hi Gina, well it’s been almost a week since I wrote this post and I still have sore throat and cough (sigh). I’m definitely much better though. Oh, thank you for the awesome recommendations! I would never have thought of a wheat grass shot. I will try one today. Thanks for stopping over with your get well wishes 🙂

    1. Hi Jess, I know (whines), now it’s into my November the B*****d. I’m definitely on the mend though. Thanks for the get well wishes!

  8. Healthy vibes your way, Lisa! Being sick sucks!! I’m so sorry and hope you get better soon.

    p.s. i usually suck down zinc tablets as soon as I feel a tickly throat, seems to help…but that doesn’t help you now!!

    p.p.s. i also so relate to the ‘i’m-not-sick-but-really-am-sick-syndrome.” Denial, in it’s finest form, usually, because when the girls are sick mommy can’t be sick, too!

    1. That’s exactly it isn’t it? Mom isn’t allowed to be sick. The whole household falls apart (at least that’s what we think). Thanks, Jane for stopping over.

  9. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry you got so sick but it sounds like things are looking a bit better now, Lisa? I’ve never used a neti pot but I have had folks say they work. Your “You’ve Got Mail” .gifs are funny. Take care and talk soon! 🙂

    1. Hi Mike, yes the You’ve Got Mail is such a cute movie and I love that scene. Also, “Go to the mattress…” Thanks for your well wishes. Hope you’re doing well and staying healthy!

  10. Hi Lisa,
    This is my first visit on your site and i pray to God that you ‘ll never caught by this dirty virus.You don’t worry you are fine now so please forget all now …..

  11. I hear ya Lisa. I’ve become well acquainted with Mr.Nasty, going on week four now. A friend found Mr.Nasty about a week before me and Mr. Nasty is still present. I have asthma which complicates things and visited my doctor after week one. Tried antibiotics, steroids, and codeine cough syrup– sore throat remain, sinus pressure subsided and sleep continued to be nonexistent. I’ve tried mucinex, NyQuil, DayQuil, delsum, and Advil, and nothing has touched this. A little ginger brandy seems to be helping me sleep. But outside of that, I feel like I have a relapse every 4 days! Hope you are over Mr. nasty by now! Happy holidays!

    1. Hi Heather, it sounds like we were both attacked the same way. The sore throat persists for a while. It was the worst cold I’ve had in many years. It is gone finally but a tiny bit of chest congestion remains. Get lots of rest and keep up the fluids including that ginger brandy (that sounds yummy!).

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