How Will You Tell Your Story?

What's Your Story?
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AS each  new day unfolds, so does your story.  Will you tell yours?  How will you tell it?  Will it be a comedic play, a romantic novel, a love song, a dramatic film or serious documentary.  Maybe  how isn’t as important as the simple fact that your story is significant.  You need to share with the  world your triumphs,  losses and lessons learned.


YOU are the heroine.  Is she making some mistakes?  Is she taking the long road or a short cut? Is she facing her antagonist with courage or fear, or a little of both?

 Is your story…

a mystery

a sprawling romance

a quiet story that blows the reader’s mind

a frolicking comedy

a compelling documentary…

In any case YOU ARE THE HEROINE and must  take Nora Ephron’s advice…

Radio show
how will you tell your story

IF you don’t have the opportunity to tell your story maybe someone else will…

FOR example, The Stories We Tell is a documentary by Sarah Polley.  It takes a look at various versions of her mother’s life story.  Interesting side note; Sarah’s mother divorced her first husband in the 60’s.  She lost her two children when her husband was awarded custody. The judge stated she was ‘unrepentant’ and ‘put her career over her domestic duties.’  Harsh.  We’ve come a long way since then.

SARAH pieces together her siblings, her mother’s friends and family and finally her father’s story.  In the center of this documentary is the impact her mother’s decisions have on their lives.  Watching the family mysteries unfold on camera is a rare look at the interpretations of truth each individual carries with them.

TOWARD the end of the film, Sarah’s father is telling his story about her mother’s life and their relationship.  He is brought to tears and tells Sarah ” You are a vicious director, aren’t you?”  He is right.

Back to YOUR story.  Just know that wherever you are in it and however you tell it–you’ll be OK.

how will you tell your story?
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Dear reader, don’t underestimate the significance of your own story.  The power in sharing it, telling it in whatever way suits you.

How will you tell your story?

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16 Replies to “How Will You Tell Your Story?”

  1. Based on time or the lack thereof I would prefer to watch a documentary instead of reading a book on the same story, Lisa. I really liked this post because the canvas is blank and we can paint it anyway we like! There’s much more to mine than this but the only clever part that came immediately to mind is Marmaduke meets Serendipity (the movie) 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Lovely post indeed 🙂

    I think we all have our own little stories to share, though few of us are really able to say it out. I think I’d be better as a writer if I had to write a story as compared to narrating one. I guess you need to gather your thoughts before anything else and starting over. Most importantly, you need a quiet and peaceful place to sit with a story! Been ages since I found that!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Yes, the peace and quiet help with storytelling 🙂 Sometimes we don’t tell our stories and what’s left are photos to piece together. That’s okay too. Have a great week, Harleena!

  3. great post. it seems i’ve been telling my story my entire life. i grew up feeling that my life was a play i was directing. sometimes this observer/detached outlook has served me well. now i must learn to record feelings instead of just telling stories. i am not comfortable with my new role yet but the only way to go is forward

    1. Hi Bev. Great to hear from you. I like that you felt your life was a play and you were in the director’s seat! Recording feelings is a great start to adapting to your new role but definitely not easy. Thinking of you. Sending hugs. xo Thanks for your input over here 🙂

  4. This looks like an excellent movie. Interesting the impressions we make about whether someone is a bad mother (and we judge mothers so much more harshly than fathers) based on one or two people’s accounts, when if we looked at the whole picture, we might have a wholly different impression.

    1. Yes, great point Beverly! Maybe we expect more from mothers? It was an interesting film and inspired this post. Thanks for dropping in!

  5. So nice to connect with your via Mike’s blog! I’m enjoying hopping around here and checkin’ you out! And I love this post; I love the idea of a story unfolding within each of us. Stories are everything, aren’t they?

    1. Hi Beth, great to see you here. yes, we all have stories that are unique to us. Finding a way to tell them or express them is important.Thanks for your input! I was delighted to discover your fun blog !

  6. I’ve always believed that I am the writer, actress and director of my own story–and try to live my life that way. It helps a lot if I remember it every single day too….thanks for these reminders AND I love the quote: “Not to spoil the ending for you, but everything is going to be okay.”

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