Have You Found Your Handyman?

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Ryan Reynolds would make a dreamy handyman

Warning: this post is full of double meanings and suggestive scenes. Ladies, have you found your HANDYMAN yet? Every ‘single’ woman needs a HandyMan on her speed dial. Preferably, he’ll know how to use a variety of tools to fix your broken toilet OR your broken heart…”hey Baby, I’m your handy man…” As James Taylor crooned back in the day.

Yes, handy man is a euphemism for transitional or what I like to call a re-sexing partner after divorce. If he actually wears a tool belt that’s a bonus.


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The first few months of my separation I was a sole homeowner and a little overwhelmed with the things that needed fixing. I found a handy man ad in the newspaper. It was 2005, back when we would actually read a newspaper. It was also a hot, lonely summer and I needed some jobs done. I needed a fence put up to ‘pen in’ my crazy dog. She was the type that liked to pull Houdini at the most inconvenient times.

So my Handy man showed up on my doorstep one hot, July afternoon. The job would involve cement mixing, chain link fence erecting, popsicles and eventually a little romance. Don’t judge me.  He was thirty-something and worked without a shirt and wearing nothing but faded Levi’s (what is it about faded Levi’s?) and work boots. Well, one job led to another.

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You could say he broke me in. Me, being a woman who married young and to a man who preferred to view me as chaste and not slutty.  Really every woman should be able to be slutty with their husband, do you agree?

Then, months later there was the tree pruner. He was tall, rugged, 50-odd years and strong. I watched him from the window. Fastened to the tree he climbed high carrying the chain saw. It took hours for him to complete the job. When he was done I wrote him a cheque and told him how healthy the tree looked. His eyes scrunched up warmly when he smiled. He had an obvious passion for trees. I wanted to know if he had other passions he might care to indulge.

have you found your handyman?
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Somehow he got talking about his kids (he was divorced too). One thing led to another. After, he didn’t make empty promises but said next time he was pruning in the neighborhood he would call. He did too.

It’s better than Tinder. Take a look around, what do you need help with? Call a handyman today…and see what happens tomorrow.

I didn’t mention the electric and gas man who came when my fireplace wasn’t working. Wouldn’t you know it was December and -30 below.  Silver linings. There were others too but I didn’t allow all of them to be my handyman. For example, the dad from school who was married. Really? Do you always s**t where you eat? Oh, and the one who installed the hot tub. I asked him to try it out…

have you found your handyman?
image source Pinterest

That didn’t actually happen but I found this pic and had to include it. The point is, the transitional or re-sexing man is strictly a physical thing that will get you back in the groove.

“Come-a, come-a, come-a come, come. I’m your handyman, ya….ya. hey Baby I’m your handy man…”

Thank you James and John and especially you Steven, my own personal handy man during that long, hot and lonely summer. I wish I could tell you all images were property the of lisathomsonlive.com but that would be a lie.  Don’t you just love Pinterest?

Did you find your handyman? Leave a comment, I LOVE ’em!

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24 Replies to “Have You Found Your Handyman?”

    1. Haha, I wish I could say that was him in the picture 🙂 Truth is he was pretty HAWT!! Thanks, Stephanie. I would love to hear your story.

  1. Your reflections about your ‘handyman’ have brought a big smile to my face, Lisa! This is the perspective of a teenager! And I am so glad to note that you are still so young as you were at the time of choosing another “Handyman’!! Your sense of humour really is superb!

    Thanks for sharing such an honest view and candid thoughts. I enjoyed reading them. Stay blessed.

  2. Oh my gawd Lisa, you’re killing me with eye candy! When I was in my single years, I too had “handy men”. One was an electrician, a phone man, a cable guy and an actual booty call only man. LOL The good ole days for me and boy do I cherish those days!

    Thanks for the awesomely, dreamy, and wet flashback girly!

  3. Whoa, the photos! I have to look away! Not really.
    No divorce here.. or on the horizon.. but it’s a unique and sexy perspective to think about.

  4. excellent post! i adore james taylor he knows stuff.
    in my single girl time i didn’t have an actual literal ‘handyman’ but i did have a handyman that got the job done! i highly recommend it!

    1. OOOoooh, Tracie that sounds perfect. Turns out there’s been a lot of this going around (as single girls)! Yes, James Taylor is timeless. Thanks for stopping over.

  5. Uhm, hi. Your photos made me a little hot and bothered. MEOW! Is that Zac Efron in the hot tub? Omg, he’s so yummy. But that six-pack is unreal. Daydreaming…

    I have thankfully been blessed to have some platonic (and non platonic) handymen in my life. I don’t know how I would have fixed toilets or hung up shelves without them (and let’s be real, sometimes it was just nice to have something pleasant to look at while the job is getting done).

    Thank you for this 🙂 What a wonderful way to start the morning.

    1. Now that you mention it, that does look like Zac Ephron! Photos were poached off Pinterest. A handyman is essential in a woman’s life, yes? I’m very fortunate to be with a super handyman. He can fix just about anything. Glad you enjoyed the post, Charlotte!

  6. Wow! I’ve known some handy-men in my life but none of them looked anywhere close to YOURS. Fortunately I happen to think my own husband is both handy and sexy looking so I haven’t had to call anyone in for quite some time. Thanks for the thoughts though! 🙂

  7. Wow, Lisa! Good for you to get some healing done by using the handymen! LOL, I don’t know if I could ever do that which is why I signed up for match.com after my six year relationship ended from a college sweetheart.
    And I definitely believe husbands and wives should have some kinky sex at times. It makes the sex way more interesting! Who wants to be a bore in bed all of time!

    1. Hi Gina, well, I’ve heard good things about match.com. Thanks for backing me up on that marital sex point. Nice to have your input here!

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