Feeling Grateful

When things get tough, that’s when you count your blessings. Absolutely. True. Literally nothing can get me down because I have so many good things and people in my life. How can I possibly complain? I can’t.

Feeling Grateful
When the waves of life roll in…enjoy the ride.

Before I begin my gratitude list, I must mention I am linking up with Lyndsey, Beth and Charlotte for the What’s Up Weekend Gratitude List.

Here’s my gratitude list;

    1. Having friends that ‘got my back’-I’m so fortunate to have friends that truly care…they check in…they offer moral support…they’re simply there when I need them. Friends are the family you choose.
    2. My car. My car is 16 years old now, but it runs like a charm (except for a few things). Other than putting money into maintenance and this year I need new tires, this car gives back far more than I have to put into it.
    3. Having time to work on my creative pursuits. Not everyone has the time to spend creatively and I’m always grateful for my flexible schedule.
    4. Living close to the ocean. It’s my go-to place for relaxation, meditation, play, exploration.
    5. Another day on the planet. As my birthday month is here, I always think about the good fortune of aging. yup, I think I just said I like getting older.
    6. I’m dry. Watching the news I can’t help but feel grateful that we aren’t facing any natural disasters, like Texas is facing now.  We take for granted when mother nature stays calm but we never know when she’ll blow. For now though, my home is warm and dry and I’m truly grateful for those comforts.

What are you grateful for today? What’s on your mind?

You can join the blog link-up today by writing your own grateful list,  and visiting those blogs as well. Have a great weekend, my Escapees!

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34 Replies to “Feeling Grateful”

    1. Thanks, Beth. It does feel good and I should do it more often (weekly) 🙂 Isn’t that the truth? Without our girlfriends, we’d be lost.

  1. Well, we were predicted to get “spin up tornadoes” which often happens in the wake the hurricanes which generally move west to east. So far we didn’t get any, so that’s a biggie.

    And — there is probably too much to mention here so I won’t. But your post brings home the fact that it is very good to stop and count your blessings every day. There is almost always something to be grateful for.

    1. Hi Ellen, so nice to hear from you and I’m relieved to know you and your hubs and home are safe. I hope those spin up tornadoes don’t make an appearance. I hope you in-laws are okay? 🙁 You can mention away here, no limit to the length of comments. Yes, indeed. Blessings…

      I recently read a blog post by a man who said “I’m blessed and know it.” It really struck me for some reason. The simplicity of the statement and how we tend to forget the very fact that we have so many good things in our lives. Stay safe, Ellen!! Hugs.

  2. Gratitude is a magnificent word as it leads us to introspection and reminds us of our blessings, not just the ones we have now but all those that we have had all our life, conveniently forgetting them when we whine.
    My gratitude list is very long but I share a few of those blessings:
    Being alive and enjoying good health
    Freedom of thought, expression and wearing whatever I feel like
    Choosing to retire at 57 and being supported by family
    Spending quality time with grandchildren and feeling loved.
    Thanks for sharing a lovely post Lisa. Much love and happy Birthday.
    Balroop Singh recently posted…Why Some Relationships Remain Shallow?My Profile

    1. I like your list, Balroop. Those are the kinds of things I think about. Thank you for the birthday wishes 😀 I’m still a few weeks away but it’s coming.

    1. We sure do. Even though I mentally remind myself to appreciate things in my life, I find it hard to write it down. Thanks, Debby!

  3. It makes my heart so happy to have you link up with us 🙂

    When is your birthday??? Want to be sure to wish you a happy happy!!

    Also I know what you mean completely re: having a dry home, a roof over my head, food on my plate. These luxuries aren’t afforded to so many who had these simple pleasures just a few weeks ago. My heart goes out to them all but it’s certainly allowed me to reflect and give thanks in a new way <3

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Lisa!!

    1. Aw, thanks Charlotte. It’s funny because I’ve been reading your grateful posts every friday for years…yet I get kind of frozen when I have to write what I’m grateful for…don’t know why. My B-day isn’t until the 29th so I’m not there yet but it’s coming…time for a wine tour!

      I know it! It really is these basic things that make us content. It’s so scary what Texans are dealing with. Always be prepared, I say but then there are some things that you just can’t prepare for.

  4. I would love nothing more than to live by the ocean and hear the sound of surf every.single.morning. You are so blessed hun. 😉

    Having time to work on creative pursuits is also a blessing.

    I hope you’re having a great Labor Day weekend. Thanks for linking up with us hun. xo
    Lindsay recently posted…September Mantras, Goals & CurrentlyMy Profile

  5. It’s awfully tough to be bitter with gratitude on your breath. I love this list, and with Hurricane Irma taking aim, the weather one is relevant all over again (not that the problems aren’t over in Houston!) It’s a lovely practice, isn’t it, gratitude?

    1. Hi Lauren, friends are the wine of life—or something like that. 🙂 Creative pursuits are very therapeutic. You’re welcome re: your post. It was wonderfully written and so courageous and honest.

    1. I love the sound of late summer rain. We’re in need of it here. It’s been a super dry summer (not that I would complain about the sun and heat).Hondas are a good make. Yes, cheers to old cars. I have nick-named mine “Beach Babe”. She’s earned it haha!

  6. I’ve been through so much the past three years, so I’m grateful for all the people and things that have helped me keep my wits about me in tough times. One of my FB friends that I took writing classes with years ago posts daily on what she grateful for. I want to get in that habit of at least jotting something down on a sheet of scratch paper everyday.

    1. You sure have, Jeri!The gratitude thing really is good. It’s hard sometimes to sit down and make a list, especially when we’re not feeling great about things. Good luck with it, Jeri. You’ve been so strong through everything!

  7. I love love love love this post, Lisa! It’s always good to stop and take a breath and breathe in the goodness and thankfulness in our lives. <3 <3 <3 Thanks for reminding us to do just that! <3 <3 <3

    p.s. I'm actually in a melancholy spot right now, but I am so very thankful for love in the world–family, friends, my daughters…I'll get back into the positive spirit at some point. think this has to take it's course. p.s. I don't usually use hashtags but if I did, they would be: adulting, ugh, getthroughitalready, hugs, lol
    Jane Thrive recently posted…All quiet on the coparenting front…but work has offered a conundrumMy Profile

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