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Choose Your Word For the DayIn yoga class, often the teacher will ask you to “set your intention” for practice. In my first year of taking yoga class, this request would stump me. What is my intention for today’s class? Hmmm.

As time went on and I became more familiar with the poses and the concept of yoga, and when asked to set my intention, words would pop into my head.

With that one word, I could focus my energy and get through a difficult or challenging practice.

Choose Your Word For the day to cope with stress

So, why not use that habit on a daily basis?  Recently, I decided to choose a word for my day, to see if it was as beneficial as it is on the yoga mat. So far, I love it. It works to help me cope with unexpected events or even daily nuisances, like when the guy standing behind me in line at the coffee shop, warned me not to eat any carbs. Instead of turning and swatting him, I ignored him. Patience is the word that comes to mind.

I guess that’s what yoga is all about taking what we learn on the mat and applying it to our daily life.

I want to share my favorite, go-to words that have helped me in yoga practice and with my life’s challenges. You can use these words, too or share in the comments what your word for the day may be.

My Words

In order of repetitive use, here are my go-to words for yoga practice, that I apply to my day;


-stength to take whatever comes

-physical and mental strength to persevere, go on, accomplish goals

-when I used this word as my intention in yoga class, I was able to do a headstand (something I had been afraid of), it was against the wall, however I used my core muscles to slowly lift each leg until I was able to fully control my body and hold the pose without the wall to stabilize me

-I had never felt physically stronger and I reminded myself right there, if I could do that, what else could I do that I was afraid of?

P O W E R 

-acknowledge my own power

-I can influence others, I can be convincing and ‘fake it til I make it’ with my powers and so can you

-often we underestimate our power

L  o   v   e

-sending it out

-receiving it

-being vulnerable allows us to receive the love we need

c  r   e   a     t     E

-focus on my intuition

-try to see things in a different way

-find a different way to do things


P   a   t   i   e   n   c   e…..

-this too, shall pass

-all things come to an end

-find something to do while you wait



-be present in the moment

-listen to the music playing (in class for example) and hear each instrument

-notice details

-acknowledge feelings and let them go



-think of all the good things you have right this minute, and know you are blessed –I tell myself this regularly

-I am grateful at the end of each practice, for my health and the fact that I can participate in yoga and also see improvements in my physical abilities

W  O  R  T  H  Y

-I am worthy of the good things and people that come into my life

-I offer value to the world

-I deserve this

Interestingly, these words that ‘popped’ into my head during yoga practice are often found on my blog. So, I guess it’s no surprise that they are my favorite words.

Do you believe in the power of words? Will you begin choosing a ‘word for your day’? 

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36 Replies to “Choose Your Word For the Day”

  1. Oh, I love all of your words and I love this practice and post. It’s important to adopt the lessons we learn on the mat to experiences we have in the real world, and some days we need these reminders more than others (like when we are being tested, right?). I have a temper problem, which I’m trying to work on, because I have the tendency to go from 0 to 60 at a moment’s notice. Like if that guy mentioned carbs to me on line. I would probably start shooting fire from my nose, LOL….anyway, there really isn’t any sense in getting worked up about these things though. Life is much too short to get wrapped up in the petty. Thank you for this reminder, for sharing that gorgeous quote, and for all you do here in your space 🙂
    Charlotte recently posted…Best dates for summer (that won’t break the bank!)My Profile

    1. Hey Charlotte, Exactly and I am guilty of just that; waiting until I’m tested. That guy was a stranger (who had the nerve to be in my favorite coffee shop) and also, the following week I saw him at spin class. Haven’t seen him since though but if I do, I hope I’m stuffing my face with a chocolate filled croissant—the kind covered in almond slices. 😛

      Life if too short to get worked up…except when we have to. Then let the fire out! Thank you, Charlotte xo

  2. This is a lovely idea and I have often done it. Choosing a word or quote keeps us focused and sends constant reminders…another way to make ourselves a better person. As I have said it more than once that there is no age for personality enhancement and consistent reminders add something positive everyday. 🙂
    I have learnt positivity, kindness, patience, forgiveness and many such virtues slowly by choosing these words time and again.
    Wonderful post Lisa!
    Balroop Singh recently posted…I Am With You!My Profile

    1. I knew you would be familiar with this practice, Balroop. Being the wordsmith that you are, I’m not surprised. Yes thinking positive is so important and so difficult at the same time. I LOVE your chosen words!

  3. YESSSS…..I do believe in the power of words. I love yours by the way! I don’t always choose them every day but I do scour pinterest a lot for that exact reason. And it’s not just one word, it may be a quote. I do pick a word for the entire year and then find quotes for that particular word. My word for the year was Shine – you were meant to shine. That means being a light for others when your feeling good, that means being aware that your good enough is more than enough, that means being weird is ok so shine that light…don’t dim it.
    I love this post lady. Keep picking words!!!
    Kimberly recently posted…Just SingMy Profile

    1. That’s a good idea, Kim! OH—I LOVE your word. SHINE. Yes, you do!! Such an important message, Kim. Thanks for sharing that in all of your writing!

    1. Yes, this can really make a difference. I think it’s forcing us to be aware and nip the negative feelings before they bloom. It’s worth a try.

    1. Yes, as a writer, you are surrounded! Relate a single word to a single intention and see what happens. Your top words are beautiful, Vishnu!

    1. Rumi. Perfection. I can understand why your word is ‘safe’. Considering your past and the fact that you’re a mom with young children, it makes sense. I don’t use the word so much anymore (maybe I should). When my kids were small it was always on the tip of my tongue.

  4. Love, Love, Love this, Lisa!!!
    My word today: peace, I’m thinking of when I float on my surfboard on the ocean, listening to the waves far outside the reef, sometimes hearing voices from the shore, I’m in the middle between leaving the ocean behind and heading back to land. Deep breath. Let peace fill our hearts, at least for a moment. <3

    1. Thank you, Jane! Thank you for this lovely visual of you on your surfboard….so relaxing and serene. Peaceful is a good word—I will add that to my favorites. 🙂

  5. Words have so much power, and I like this idea quite a lot. I’m participating in six months of business mentoring and two of my words to focus on are definitely fear and courage.

    1. Hi Alok, yes I agree. It’s always an ‘aha’ moment when I take something from yoga practice and use it in everyday life. Nice to see you!

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