Cheat Sheet On Chakra Healing

cheat sheet on chakra healing
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Not long ago, the word Chakra was foreign to me. How did it come up? Well, the store I worked in sold jewelry including troll beads. (That’s how my bead addiction started). What do troll beads have to do with the Chakras? There is a troll bead to represent each Chakra. I remember ladies coming in and slowly collecting all 7 beads. They insisted their bracelet wouldn’t be balanced without all of them. I was bewildered.

Chakras, An Ancient Easter Philosophy

But lately, I have been learning more about the Chakras and the importance of ‘opening’ and balancing them. I’ve been practicing yoga for 2 ½ years now and through this have been using meditation and poses to ignite the Chakras. I am a beginner on the subject so I thoroughly enjoyed doing a bit of research for you, my dear reader.

It may all sound silly (I wasn’t sure what to believe when I first heard the word) but when you consider that the Chakras are an ancient Eastern philosophy, you have to give it some credence. Simply put, it is the belief that the body is made up of sections of energy and if those energies don’t flow freely, our emotional health suffers. Those Eastern philosophers seem to have figured out this ‘mind/body’ energy connection long before our Western culture. While we’re running around like headless chickens, the people of the Eastern cultures are sitting cross legged, calmly humming “ohmmmmmmm”.

Okay, it’s not really that simple. However, I think it worthwhile to consider the Chakras in healing our emotional state of mind especially during stressful events. I wish I learned more about this during my divorce, to better prepare emotionally.

It’s true that we lose or gain weight, get sick, drink more alcohol and sleep less during divorce (or any stressful event). So, I thought it might benefit us to look at simple ways to maintain balanced Chakras thereby improving our emotional health.

“According to Buddhist/Hindu teaching, all of the Chakras should contribute to a human’s well-being. Our instincts would join forces with our feelings and thinking. Some of our chakras are usually not open all the way (meaning, they operate just like when you were born), but some are over-active, or even near closed. If the chakras are not balanced, peace with the self cannot be achieved.”-WikiHow

cheat sheet on chakra healing
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Essentially, each Chakra represents a section of our body and along with that a color energy and associated gland.

Cheat Sheet on the 7 Chakras:

1. Root Chakra– Base of spine

The root chakra is associated with being physically aware and grounded. Physical activity of almost any kind where feet are on the ground and give you the feeling of stability and strength will help to keep this chakra flowing. When this chakra is open, you feel comfortable in most situations, stable and secure. It is associated with the basic needs and survival.

Color association-Red

gland association-Adrenal

Open it by; meditating, seeing red, dancing, yoga, walking, being bare feet on the grass, get a pedicure, take a shower, hot bath or steam. Any physical grooming and caring for your body will also open your root chakra.


  1. Sacral Chakra-located below your naval through to perineum

Sacral Chakra is related to sexual well being, passion, interaction and creativity. When this chakra is open we feel out going, confident in our creative expression and sexuality.

Color association-orange

Gland association-gonad

Open it by; yoga, zumba, pelvic exercise, sketching, painting or any creative problem solving exercises, eat oranges, eat nuts, wear orange clothing or orange stones in jewelry


  1. Solar Plexus Chakra– 3 inches above the navel

The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with self confidence, self esteem, power, assertion and control. When it’s open we feel confident about our decisions and positive about our accomplishments. We feel in control. We hush the inner critic.

Color association-yellow

gland association-pancreas

How to open it; boat pose, abdominal and core exercise, dance, eat grains, drink chamomile or peppermint tea, wear yellow or yellow jewelry, lemon scented candles or oils


  1. Heart Chakra– located at the heart

This chakra represents energy to love, be open to giving love, compassion and forgiveness. If it is under active, we are cold and unfriendly, or the opposite if it is overactive and we become suffocating and insecure in our relationships.

Color association-green

Gland association-thymus

How to open it; give more love (children, pets, spouse, family, friends), random acts of kindness, heart opening yoga poses, be vulnerable in order to receive love, eat greens and drink green tea, wear green, green apple scents


5, Throat Chakra-throat area

This chakra is all about voice. Expression of our voice through written or verbal communication. Listening is also part of a balanced, throat chakra.

Color association-light blue

Gland association-thyroid

How to open it; meditation, word associate in a journal, paint, decorate, incorporate light blue into your décor ( I love light blue in a bedroom), practice breathing techniques, wear light blue, clothing or jewelry



  1. Third eye Chakra-the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows

Third eye deals with insight and seeing the big picture. If it’s open we can decipher truth from fiction, dream yet remain focused on goals. Also, when open clairvoyance is excellent and we are open to receiving wisdom.

Color association-Indigo

Gland association-Pituitary

How to open it; forward folds in yoga, child’s pose, meditation, eat blueberries, chocolate, lavender tea.



  1. Crown Charkra-at the top of the head

This is considered the most spiritual Chakra. If it’s open, you see and understand your connection to the world. You let go of ingrained beliefs and prejudices. We are mindful and live in the present moment and our intuition is sharp.

Color association-purple

Gland association-Pineal

How to open it; outdoor exercise, fresh air, i.e. being by the ocean, running, hiking, meditating, wear dark purple or lavender and even white and jewels with diamonds or sapphires. This chakra doesn’t benefit from healing foods according to mindbodygreen.

How Can We Heal?

The common belief is that if one chakra is under active or closed, it can throw all the chakra energies out of balance because some are over compensating. To find balance it’s important to start at the Root chakra because it’s the foundation. Was there a time you didn’t feel grounded or rooted? Maybe you felt discombobulated (don’t you love that word?). That’s exactly when we need to focus on our root chakra.

When we had a fire and had to evacuate from our apartment and consequently, find a new place to live, I felt absolutely displaced. I didn’t even have my own pillow for two months. We stayed in hotels and motels. We had no access to our belongings for a week. When we were finally able to access our apartment we had to wear masks because the smoke was toxic. The smell and the sight of my home covered in soot, and plants dying was a visceral and sad experience. It was a time to re-evaluate possessions, find a new place to live and try to re-establish my roots.

Would it surprise you to learn that when we finally moved into our new apartment and I had to replace some of our lost items, I chose a red and green color scheme? I was puzzled by my own intuition to choose green to accent with the reds in my kitchen. Normally, red and green is associated with Christmas so what the heck was I thinking? In the past I used blues and pinks but red mixed with green? Weird. Then my friend explained to me that I was working subconsciously on my root chakra. I was in survival mode. Of course this made sense. I felt like I was floating around for months without a place to call home.Thank you Cathy 🙂 for sparking my interest in the chakras.

cheat sheet on chakra healing
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I also bought more green clothing that autumn and ironically, I was going through difficult times in family relationships. Apparently, the heart knows what it needs. I was intuitively opening my heart chakra.

Incidentally that’s when I took up yoga for the first time in my entire life. I walked past the yoga studio on the main street of our little town and I was physically drawn to it. I stopped in front of it a few times to look inside and see people in warrior poses. I felt a longing to join. Interesting how the universe pushes you toward what you need at the right time.


Contemplate your chakra energies and work on the one associated with the area you’re struggling with. Do some of the exercises related to that area of the body. Also, don’t underestimate the emotional power of color associated with the specific chakra. Eating colorful foods, wearing and decorating in your chakra colors, as well as using aromatherapy can have a powerful impact. It begins with intuition (as in my case) then triggers our thoughts until we finally take action.

Even if you don’t believe in the power of chakra energies in our body, the very act of thinking about our emotional health, then taking some action, is bound to cause some improvements. You can’t help but feel better for trying. Now, I’m going to get some of those Chakra beads for my bracelet!

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26 Replies to “Cheat Sheet On Chakra Healing”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Wow! what a terrific post! I have heard of chakras but never really tried to explore the details. As you say, it seems silly if you don’t try to understand the depth of such a traditional healing.

    I am glad you have received so much of solace from the power of chakras. They are indeed meaningful and carry a lot of positive energy. When emotions are balanced, happiness automatically steps in! Thanks for sharing such a well researched post.

    1. Hi Balroop, well I’m still exploring and have much to learn. I do like to keep the chakras in mind when it comes to unblocking creativity or other areas in life that feel out of balance. Glad you enjoyed this information!

  2. ***I felt a longing to join. Interesting how the universe pushes you toward what you need at the right time.***

    Yes, I listen to those pushes and intuitions now!

    We have those for a reason, darling! xxxx

    1. Hi Kim, isn’t it true about our intuition? It’s almost always right. Even if we don’t understand it in the moment, it give us the information and intelligence we need. xo

  3. My mom has studied chakras for years. I remember not really knowing what she was talking about, but being open to it. We talk a lot about my throat chakra. Whenever I’m stressed, that’s what seems to tense up. And of course, I’m a writer/photographer and sometimes don’t express myself well in person. I always thought it was all related.

    1. Hi Tamara, yes it definitely is all related. Sometimes one area is over active to compensate for the underactive chakra. Maybe you’re communicating through your photography and writing so, in person you’re quieter and less able to express your ideas, opinions etc. Communication is important though, so give the color and exercise options a try to see if that opens the throat chakra for you. 🙂

    1. That’s cool, Chrys. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. It’s really only skimming the surface. Let me know if you try anything and if it helps balance things out. 🙂

  4. I heard a lot about chakras Lisa but never really looked into it that much. I love this post and the details you are giving us. It definitely makes more sense.
    Balance is key.
    Thanks a lot for sharing these valuable ideas with us.

    1. Hi Marie, I hadn’t really given it much thought in the past. Since starting yoga, the teachers will often refer to them, this triggered my interest. I hope you enjoyed this info! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. I love that you shared this here today. I’ve actually been giving a lot of thought to the idea of these Chakras ever since I took that reiki healing class and the instructor mentioned the ones that were out of alignment. I find it interesting that they are all interrelated and that their primary functions are so different.

    Thank you for this explanation, Lisa! XOXO and hope you’re having a great week/happy summer!

    1. Hey Charlotte, did you find the Reiki treatment helpful? I don’t know much about Reiki except to say that it’s their job to determine what needs to be opened in our bodies. I’m not sure how you know which ones are reputable so I didn’t bring it up in the post but I thank you for doing so. It’s amazing how the body works biologically and not surprising that everything is interrelated. Thanks for sharing here! 🙂

      1. I did find it very useful, yes, thank you! Though it took me a few days to fully process everything, to be honest. But I loved it and would love to do reiki again.

        Thank YOU! XOXO

  6. wonderful post!
    i believe in the chakras! i just makes perfect sense to me.

    i started yoga practice when i was pregnant with my first child so that was 30 yrs ago!!! am i good at it… no. but do i feel good after… YES!!!!
    i think it’s mostly the act of self care.

    in the same theme i’ve tried so many times to meditate without much success. recently went to an actual class and for the first time felt like i really get it and now i can’t get enough.

    btw my main colors are red and green too… lime green and tomato red mostly. so very fresh and vibrant happy colors!

    1. Hi Tracie, thanks for reading and I’m not surprised to hear you’re a believer 🙂 I bet you’re awesome at yoga practice!All shades of green, I LOVE. I love color and so I’m fascinated with the chakra color relationships. Meditation is a tough one, for sure and takes much practice. I can’t sit for very long and meditate unless I’m in a class and have to LOL. It’s gotten easier though. Nice to see you, Tracie xo

      1. i’m on a bit of a blogging break these days but i wanted to pop by and say hi 😀
        colors!!! i’ve often thought how sad i would be if i ever lost my eyesight because i love color so much also.

        the meditation class i go to is actually done in corpse pose which was a game changer. i have a bad hip so i could never get comfortable in meditation until then.
        you might try that some time. although in the last class 2 people fell asleep and were snoring. haaaaa

        1. Oh, I thought you might be on a break. I miss your blog posts 🙂 Corpse pose is the best part about yoga! I went this morning and the class was so hard I felt like cursing. Then the reward at the end made it all worthwhile. I felt immobilized after.

        2. awww thank you! i will get back to writing soon. i’ve been painting and working on some stuff in our flat.
          i’ve also been going through a ‘i hate the internet’ phase. i’ve felt overloaded by too much bad news, mean people, mob mentality and general bullshit.

          corpse pose IS THE BEST!!!! haaaaa

          i was thinking about the heart chakra being green and things that i’ve unintentionally done over the years that correlate with green.
          coincidence in taking care of my heart… maybe or maybe not!
          i’m a 20 yr vegetarian (green)
          my favorite daily perfume is DKNY (apple) and i wear a green apple scented body lotion.
          i would say green is my favorite color and i gravitate to it in clothing and decor.
          i also bought a kiwi green honda element right at the time of my divorce which my ex husband was livid over. just made me love that car even more!!!

        3. Ha! That’s awesome, Tracie. I love all the green. That DKNY scent is very fresh. Enjoy your break. I’ll be off for August as well. 🙂

  7. This is fascinating, Lisa! I’ve been doing yoga for several years now, but never really delved into any of the other teachings associated with it. I totally dig this chakra business;-)

    1. Hi Jess, I’m so glad you’re digging this. I’m fascinated by it and can’t help but believe there is validity to it.

  8. My girlfriend is actually a ReKi master 😉
    She volunteers her time at a rehabilitation centre for women and they find it very beneficial. I find it relaxing also. She opens up each chakra and heals them using her own energy. It’s very interesting!

    1. Hi Kim, that’s very interesting! Really nice that she volunteers. I’m happy to hear you have benefited from Reiki and opening the chakras. Thanks for sharing!

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