Alone But Connected #1000Speak

What's Inspiring You?#1000VoicesSpeak for Compassion today and on the 20th of every month. The subject this month? CONNECTION. We don’t always feel it. My first thought on this topic was how often I have felt disconnected but my constant connection has been nature. If you ever feel alone or lonely…


I feel alone

I’m afraid

Why do you feel so all alone?

The ocean asks with every unceasing wave

She pulls me forward and back


She is persistent and relentless

It’s only beginning, she tells me

Forward and back, her weight rocks me into comfort


The sand molds to my unique shape

Accepting me, no matter what

Each foot step proof I am connected to the earth

In a way that is mine, me


I hear voices, an infinite echo

A distant, soft chorus

The shells, scattered on the shore

“Don’t feel small”, they implore

In a world so big you can find shelter

In the tiniest nooks

I answer in a prayer of understanding

Hardened shells protect me, too

I am alone but I am connected


I look at the sky at night

The moon, she smiles down at me

She knows I count on her

Her mystery illuminates my nocturnal restlessness

You feel all alone

She tells me in her shining, lilt

She knows me well

Because I am


Connecting the dots of stars

Their message is the same

They shine and twinkle for me

Each moment different from the next

It’s not over

It’s only beginning, they whisper

While I sleep


I feel alone because I am

I lose my fear

Forward and back

Round and round, I move through this world

The same but always changing

Each moment different from the next

Me, just me

Alone but connected



My previous piece for #1000Speak Think Twice

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How did #1000VoicesSpeak start? Lizzi Rogers of Considerings; Life In Silver Linings


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44 Replies to “Alone But Connected #1000Speak”

    1. Hi Amy, yes, I miss it if I don’t get there enough. Meditation, quiet which is much needed with our on going technology.

    1. Thank you so much. We aren’t alone although we all feel that way sometimes. That’s when it’s great to get in touch with the beauty around us.

  1. That poem was marvelous. How can anyone feel lonely after reading that? I often feel disconnected from my family and friends. Nature is easy for me to connect with. 🙂

  2. With most of the other posts I’ve read today reflecting on connecting with other people, I love that you went a different way to write about connecting with nature instead.

  3. I resonated so much with these words. This was beautiful and will stay in my gut for a very long time. Thank you for writing this poem, for writing each word.

  4. Just lovely Lisa. Connecting with yourself is so important. I find writing is such a good way to center myself and become more mindful.

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Wonderfully connected! You can never be alone, dear friend, with such lovely thoughts and connections.

    We are all connected… there is a great depth in this statement- the connections may not be very well defined in some cases but we do feel their power. My first connection is with Mother Nature, with the places I visited and some that I would like to visit again… the connections we leave behind as we move ahead, friends and colleagues, who moulded us into what we are and the new connections we love to form!

    Blogosphere has introduced me to new and unique kind of connections. Stay blessed Lisa and I look forward to more such beautiful poems. Thanks for introducing us your emotionally poetic aspect.

    1. Thank you, Balroop! You’re right, our past connections and our new connections all contribute to how we feel today. Mother nature is a true healer, too. We don’t have to be alone!

  6. So beautiful, Lisa! I also turn to the ocean for comfort and peace, and always amazed and calmed by the changing tides and faces of the waves. <3

  7. Wow, Lisa! A poet! Cassidy is at Cape Cod this weekend and I can’t help thinking about how healing it is for me there – with the lack of allergies and the feels of sand, sun and air.
    Also symbolically – we are just so built around it.

  8. Beautifully written. For you it is the ocean, for me it is the sun. When I feel the sun on my skin, I feel less lonely, it almost feels like a hug to me.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    1. Thank you, Caroline! That feeling of hot sun on the skin is quite heavenly after a long winter. Have a great weekend!

  9. Such wonderful sentiments and very along the lines of some realizations I’ve been having lately. It’s always cool when a poem or story can add another layer to what’s going on in real life and help the mind turn the matter over.

  10. Oh Lisa…

    This took me back to my teen years… where I surely felt so alone, and connected. Me. In the sand, listening and looking at the waves, rolling to and from my presence, whispering love and comfort and connectedness when I needed it most. Looking up to the stars in the sky, oh so many nights I ran to my place of solace, of refuge…

    At the beach.

    I am stirred. Your words touched me deeply.

    1. Chris, what a beautiful comment. It makes me beyond happy when my words stir up emotions and memories like that. This: “rolling to and from my presence, whispering love and comfort and connectedness…” I can relate to that teenager. 🙂

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