2018, Here I Am

“Ms. Thomson?…Ms. Thomson?…” Deep sigh  “Is she here?”

“Yes.” Panting from running by the seat of my pants. “Who’s asking?”

“It’s the year 2018…”

“Yes.” Slightly breathless.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, I’m here now!” Speaking louder. “I’m Ms. Thomson. Or you can call me Lisa—that’s what my friends call me” *smiles beatifically* (I like that word ‘beatific’—in both sound and meaning)

Who is this person asking for my presence? I have no idea. Maybe it’s father time in the guise of a new year. He’s wondering if I’m going to show up for another twelve months. He’s wondering if I’m truly present. We all know how ruthless father time is…


It could be anyone. It could be someone from my future, or a strict teacher from my past, or a laissez-fair mentor.  Or is it someone who doesn’t really know me but requires my presence in some official way? It’s a scenario we’re all familiar with. We have to “show up” for something in some official capacity. But how do we do that? As Ms. Thomson, of course.

But who is Ms. Thomson vs. Lisa? Is Ms. Thomson a fake? No, but she has to have a strong front at all times. She has to know what she’s doing even if she doesn’t, actually. She fakes it some of the time. Sound familiar?


So, I want less fake and more authentic. That’s my mantra for 2018. “Authentic”. You see, I saw this image and it just captured my heart. It’s not the first time I’ve seen it either, since I pinned it to my “Black & White” Pinterest board some time in the distant past. Incidentally, don’t forget to peruse your Pin boards and re-discover images and articles that really moved you. This image told me what my 2018 goal was…

2018 Here I Am
source unknown

I’d like to begin with my hair and see how that goes. My girlfriends have assured me they will tell me if I’m being too authentic haha. As you know, there’s two school’s of thought when it comes to aging gracefully. One is to utilize every method to appear younger and the other is the exact opposite. That is to embrace what is naturally you, no matter your age. I think that takes a certain amount of fearlessness.

I really like the fearless part. I hope I can be fearless.

Of course, there’s always more to be authentic about on the inside that has less to do with appearance. Still, hair color might be a symbolic place to begin. What is Ms. Thomson’s hair color v. Lisa’s? Heady stuff.

Regardless of whether it’s the inside or outside, our authentic self wants to be heard and accepted. And balancing our authentic self with the person who must officially “show up for things”  is an ongoing task. Converging the two with success is the ultimate goal.

2018, here we come!  Be fearlessly authentic and remember, father time waits for no one.

Are you ready for the roll call of 2018? Did father time check for your presence? Tell me what’s on your mind—hit the comments.

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39 Replies to “2018, Here I Am”

  1. I love this, Lisa, and the image (thanks too for the reminder to hit up my Pinterest to find some of my ol pins!). I think of you always as being wonderfully authentic and living fearlessly…is love to incorporate this more into my life in 2018 too.

    Wishing you all the best for a happy, healthy, and sweet new year!! Xo
    Charlotte recently posted…Head full of clouded thoughtsMy Profile

    1. I forget to go there when I need inspiration but of course, that’s what your pin boards are for. Thank you so much Charlotte. I try. I really do. Best to you as well for 2018, I know the things you want are on the way!

    1. Indeed, you’re right Shantala. A little hair color can be a good friend. Not sure why I have this bee in my bonnet right now. I don’t usually make it through growing out the color before I beg my hair stylist to highlight me up. hah. You as well, Shantala and I’m looking forward to your new foodie blog! 2018 will be a great year for you <3

  2. What a creative post! Yes, 2018 has stopped knocking at our doors. It is right here in front of us, waiting for us to put on our best hats and accept our true selves. 🙂
    Lisa, I like your idea of being authentic…living the way we want to. No more stress…embrace the life as it unfolds…live in the moments and make them joyous. 🙂 Stay blessed dear friend!
    Balroop Singh recently posted…New Year Greetings With Flowers #MiracleGardenMy Profile

    1. So true, Kim. I think good things come when we’re self accepting and not afraid to show who we truly are. Thanks! We’ll see if I can succeed in the hair experiment.

    1. Oh, Kim I could never hate you. You know, the majority of my friends say the exact same. There’s no way in hell they’re giving up their hair color LOL. The fake eyelashes can look great. I have no clue how to put those on and if I tried I fear one might come partially off at inopportune time.

      Yes, authentic in words and writing the words—so important! xxoo

  3. Hey Lisa! The world needs more authentic people. Too many wannabe’s and imposters out there. Society has made it so we are afraid to be “ourselves”. We want to fit in so badly that we lose ourselves in trying to be the other. I’m not one to “fit in” and follow trends. I’m a leader. I want to set trends, not follow them. The way I see it, if my true self is someone you don’t like, then keep on walking by.

    Rock on sista! This is your year!

    Bren Lee recently posted…Dating 101: Don’t Fear the Rebound!My Profile

  4. It’s meeee!!! I am the one calling out to you. LOL!

    It’s funny that you said your hair color is the first thing. I dyed my hair recently to go with what I felt was authentic for me on the inside, although it might not be my natural color. I’ve had my natural color most of my life, and it darkened quite a bit, so it was time that I changed it to what I felt on the inside. 🙂
    Chrys Fey recently posted…2017 Achievements + Flaming Crimes BlogfestMy Profile

    1. Oh, you’re a sassy one 😀 I like your new hair color. I saw your instagram pic with your hair colored. I guess we’re doing opposites for now. I know I’ll cave and get highlights again LOL. I didn’t begin highlights or any color in my hair until I was in my late 20’s maybe early 30’s. Mine has also darkened a lot. Not grey yet tho.

  5. Ah yes!! AUTHENTICITY!! I love love love that black and white image, Lisa. I also love that it spoke to you and you are taking on the challenge! There can be such a complications with TRUE authenticity, honoring WHO you are in every area of your life. I love your final thoughts on this:

    “And balancing our authentic self with the person who must officially “show up for things” is an ongoing task. Converging the two with success is the ultimate goal.”

    I think the more authentic we are with ourselves and with others, the more joy we have in our lives. It is never true joy if you aren’t experiencing life through who you really are, ya know? I tend to be pretty honest with myself and others BUT there is always the me ‘that shows up for things’ that adds the superficial layer on top of who I really am… Especially when I’m not feeling well, but need to pull it together for the sake of ‘showing up’ for my kids, or friends, or husband.

    I stand up straight with high honor and salute your courage to go natural with your hair, my dear!! I think about it too, but I think there are women who can pull it off and look GORGEOUS and then there’s me- who would look like a 92-year-old. So color those grays with that Clairol I will do! For now. LOL

    I want to see a picture!!

    And your motivation and your wisdom together combined with your strength and integrity will take you to a new level of authenticity, my friend. Enjoy and embrace YOU.
    Christine Carter recently posted…Four Things We Can Do To Clean Up Our Hearts In 2018My Profile

    1. This: “I think the more authentic we are with ourselves and with others, the more joy we have in our lives.” YES. Absolutely true, Chris. I have been on a journey toward authenticity for a while now. But yes, we have to show up for things and we can’t always be authentic. We filter our thoughts, words and I guess that’s okay too, so long as we’re not always having to do that.

      As for the hair, I’m already wondering if it’s a bad idea LOL. I agree that women who pull it off are so beautiful and that’s why I think you could do it as well. I highly doubt you would look 92—LOL. Sounds like it’s almost unanimous here at the blog, hair WILL be colored!

      Thank you so much for the compliments, Chris. Your feedback means so much!

  6. I like the word “beatific” a lot too! I don’t use it nearly enough.
    I like the word. I think I need to use it a LOT more. I know it really works for me, whether in personal life, work life, whatever. You can feel that difference, like you’re not just going through motions.
    Happy 2018!

  7. Your comment about more authentic hair made me chuckle. Since chemo, my hair has upped its gray factor. I’m not sure if I want to dye it again. I started around age 34 when a few measly white strands infiltrated my scalp. Now their number has multiplied. Yet, I keep seeing the bleach and crazy color kits at Fred Meyer and it’s probably only a matter of time before I give myself pink or purple hair. So while I’m pretty dang authentic, I don’t think my hair is ready to join the bandwagon, especially if I keep it cut short for a while. It’s too easy to keep switching colors.

    1. Jeri, having been through all that you have in the last year, authenticity is so much more than hair. You rock the short hair look and I think pink or purple hair would be fantastic on you!! For me, I just think it’s a small step in my authentic physical appearance. I’m curious whether I will like the natural me or NEED the highlights…kind of an experiment of sorts.

  8. I am sure you can be fearless, Lisa! After all, you recently traveled and had a good time 🙂 It’s up to us to make a choice and make a change. It can be scary but sometimes we have to just do what make us happy. I was also thinking about my hair the other day too – should I cut it or not. It is at a length I’m happy with, but I feel that my hair could do with a more textures and layers…maybe I’ll leave it as it is, maybe not. There will always be a time when I can say, hey, let’s change today. Wishing you all the best this year <3
    Mabel Kwong recently posted…What Does Home Mean And Feel Like For A Third Culture Kid?My Profile

    1. Thank you, Mabel! Travelling reminded me to trust my instincts. As everything went smoothly and was a huge success.

      Oh, hair…don’t get me started. Maybe keep the length and go for a different style? Although you could try short as it will always grow back 😀
      lisa recently posted…Did I Give The Right Advice?My Profile

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